Saturday, October 29, 2011



Its a..cloudy, windy, rainy, dark Saturday morning outside..Richa is awake and she gets hold of a flash light..She's bored why all her peers are still in bed. She comes to me flashing the light on her feet..and exclaiming that the light is following her feet!
"Mama, I wanted to find Didi's names.."
"I was using this light to find out.. "
"I still couldn't find out.."
Mama: WHY kanna?!
"Didis said ..Get out of the room!!"

“So, I came here!”, she said, flashing light on Papa’s face Smile

She was picking her sister’s hair of their sleeping faces and flashing the light on them to check out who it was :-) 

Reminded me of all those episodes I had with my brother...He had had the pleasure of pushing feathers into my nostrils, or a blade of grass into the ear..while I was sleeping. He even had poured water on my sleeping face...

The aftermath didn't scare him at all. that I would be running after him with all that rage, didn't stop him from doing that..The thrill of the moment was enough for him to make his day :-) 

It had not even taken a second for me to get out of bed  shouting     


while he ran..till the end of our home, giggling away..putting his arms in defense at all of my frustrations.

After I had my full of getting back at him..the only thing that remained in my memory were his giggles. He still had had the last laugh, the better deal of the whole situation.

He was able to wake me up in the best way he could think of. My mom had not meant for him to wake us up this way, when she had asked him to go wake us up..

Looking back, those were the days that made our childhood so colorful, so vibrant. I miss them now. He makes me and my kids laugh like that even today!DSC_5012-1

Can’t forget his snake dance performance, he had entertained the triplets with!

Happy Bhai Dooj Raju!!