Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Experiences with Motherhood - Part 1

I don’t know when and how the last few years flew past before I could even blink my eyes , leaving me such a different person physically and emotionally. Life has also put us in this unique position, parents of 4 kids, triplets, identical twins... The triplets are 7 ½ years old and R turned 3 years. I feel that the terrible 2’s/3's that I am handling with R, is nowhere compared to the tantrums that 3 of her elder sisters together put me through. Even at birth she weighed more than the triplets birth weight together.

If I were to meet my 8-9 years younger self, I wonder if she would have considered having kids if she saw me today, dressed so uninteresting, graying hair, hardly having time for myself, putting my career on hold. But then, if she looked at the love and the giggles these little kids have brought about in our life, maybe she would have taken the same bite. I remember in school we used to look at each other’s palm’s and predict “you are going to have 2 babies” “You are going to have a boy”. I was totally with the saying, "Hum Do Hamare Do". The thought that I would be a mom to 4 girls never crossed my mind, not even Hubby dear’s, when we married and decided to make a family. But, here we are with 4 children now, and it has brought about this huge world of relationships and love and difficulties that is so challenging for me to deal with..but, at the same time, my pleasure.

So, what has this atmosphere of being surrounded with 7 and 3 year olds made me into. Sometimes, I can make adult conversations too. Upon returning from pre-school, R's first request is, can I watch Wubbzy? Most of the script of these shows have been memorized. It’s been ages that I have gotten to watch a news channel. Unable to keep up with the world today and the technology that is changing faster than the speed of thought, I find myself spending most of time driving them around to their activities and scanning the internet to find interesting projects for them for their science fair or a funny and catchy bal kavita for their kavita pratiyogitha which is at least 12 lines long, or a good music teacher for them, who would help them see the beauty of classical music.

All in all its a full life.

Few minutes of computer time for Mom please!!!

After getting hold of a red marker, R, started to scribble on a paper that she picked from the printer tray, while Mom was at the computer.  This was R's usual time of getting to do what she wants without any "NO, R, No!" from her omnipresent Mom.  A Red marker would have been a big NO,NO from Mom, but, this is the time even her Mom doesn't want to be disturbed while she is reading things from the computer that needs to be read, replying to mails, browsing through her face book account to know what her friends are up to and other such important things to do. 

Mom heard the sound of felt scribbling on paper. She peeped under the computer table to find R, scribbling red color on the paper.  R smiled and showed the paper to Mom and said, "Look Mama, Hobbes!! (her doggie)".

The first instinct of Mom was to take the red marker away.  What if R started to scribble on the cream carpet.  Mom thought for a moment.  If she took the red marker away from R, she would have to find another entertainment for R, and that would be the end of the few minutes of computer time for Mom each day.  She also thought, R is so engrossed in drawing Hobbes on the paper she is not going to scribble on the carpet, and she is smarter now and understands that she is not allowed to do that.  So, Mom smiled at R and both of them were happy for the moment.

After a few moments Mom felt very light tapping on her back. She turned to find R showing her hands to Mom. It was RED! She had also iced her RED finger with the RED cap of the marker.  Mom exclaimed, "Oh NO , R!!".  R said, "I got a boo boo mama". Mom was mad.  She had no choice but, to kiss her booboo. She took R to wash her hands, and found R had colored her pants red too.

P.S.  As Mom was writing the story,  R came to mama and said.."Look Mama, I got Lips".  She had mom's lipstick painted all over and around her lips.

Breakfast conversation with Richa

After Mama served breakfast to R,  she started doing the dishes.
R: Mama, what is this? Is this big or tiny? (Pointing to a glass of milk and sounding just like Dora)
Mama: It is big.
R: Is it tiny?
Mama: No.
R: Is this big?
Mama: Yes.
R: Is this tiny?
Mama got lost in other thoughts....since this is such a common phenomenon when doing dishes.
R: Is this.......Is this...
R: Is this big?
Mama is pulled back to reality with R's persistence.
Mama: I don't know dear.
R: Mama say, "It is BIG."  (Just like Dora would say.)
Mama: It is BIG.
R: Is it tiny?
Mama: :-)