Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breakfast conversation with Richa

After Mama served breakfast to R,  she started doing the dishes.
R: Mama, what is this? Is this big or tiny? (Pointing to a glass of milk and sounding just like Dora)
Mama: It is big.
R: Is it tiny?
Mama: No.
R: Is this big?
Mama: Yes.
R: Is this tiny?
Mama got lost in other thoughts....since this is such a common phenomenon when doing dishes.
R: Is this.......Is this...
R: Is this big?
Mama is pulled back to reality with R's persistence.
Mama: I don't know dear.
R: Mama say, "It is BIG."  (Just like Dora would say.)
Mama: It is BIG.
R: Is it tiny?
Mama: :-)

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