Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And that is my story!


Last night I found this note on the door to the Kids room.  It was clearly written by the girl in the picture. She didn’t even need to put her picture in there…I would have known!!

Poo's Writing 107232013_0000

I was so, profoundly touched.  I guess, I don’t need to stress out that I’m a soon to be teen children’s mom. If teenage is going to be like this, then, my work as a parent is done.  In that article … she had poured out all the emotions that she was going sweet, so gentle and so honest. And that was HER STORY!

“My child…you have your heart in the right place, you are already perfect! You don’t even need to try...!”

After I read the note, I went into the room. The lights had been turned off. The night lamp was on.

“That was such a lovely note you have there on the door.”, I told P as she was pulling the blanky on her to go to sleep.

Papa dear had followed behind me.

“Yeah…that is so heart warming that P wrote, isn’t it Papa?!”, N asked Papa.

“You didn’t cry reading that… did you, N?!”, Papa questioned N.

“Yeah I did!”

“NO!!! you didn’t!  we didn’t’ see you cry!”, her siblings responded.

“I cried in the bathroom!”, she said.

All of us had a great laugh.

I’m so grateful for summer vacations,  that brings our  children closer to us. These lazy afternoons bring more meaning in our lives. Don’t they?!