Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Science T….!!!


There are some topics that R, my youngest one, (who was a first grader until June, last month),  is very passionate about. So, she will spend time reading, listening, watching videos etc  on those topics.  She is very interested in Indian Mythology and topics on Human Body, Famous Personalities, like Helen Keller etc, and ofcourse…Barbie Movies!!  

She has gotten a deal with her dad that he would buy her one movie each month. At the outset…it feels atrociously expensive..that each movie costs 15-20$ but, if we do the math, we realized,…these are the only movies at home, that gets watched more than once..infact atleast a 10 times each.

She has learnt a lot about the Human Body from a Database access that the school district provides called "Brain Pop"  .

She had even gotten her sisters to surrender their login/passwd to Brain Pop, that is for their level because, she wasn’t interested in the elementary school topics. 

She's gotten a lot of information on topics like Adulthood, Braces for teeth and every little detail that happens to us as Humans, Vaccines, Bacteria, Lightning, Fractures, Pregnancy, Babies, Blood, Clotting, Diseases, lots and lots of things that we don't pay attention to that are part of our everyday life, that we don't realize may actually be confusing to the children.

Her sisters, who were 6th graders then,  have always admonished her on accessing those topics saying that she is not allowed to know or access those topics.  She shouldn't be watching those videos and they would even take that up with to why I'm letting her access those topics.

Recently, I caught myself telling her …. like a typical Indian Parent…
“R, you seem to be so interested in Human Body and such topics, Looks like you're interested in becoming a doctor!”

I was so surprised on hearing her answer.. and helped me realize the innocence of childhood.

She said..

“No Mama,  I want to become a Science teacher and I want to teach 6th Grade!!”

What great way to get back to her sisters!!!