Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is Here! Spring is Here! Its the best time of the year!


Although the cold is not ready to leave its frozen feet from my yard yet..Spring is surely in the air. I can see the plants and trees trying to burst out their shoots. The Maples are red and the Forsythia is starting to send its wonderful fiery flames out as I drive around and see the ushering of spring.

Today was definitely warmer than the abnormal freezing weather, we had last week.  A couple of weeks had gotten warmer and all the bulbs in the ground started sending their shoots up. All of us were excited, very happy and the kids eager, to get outside on the yard. Their swing sets and trampoline showed signs of wear, telling the story of the terrible winter that was!



Then, suddenly last week, we had snow, hail, freezing rain..and you can name it! Its when I realized that when we are not prepared to face the abnormal weather is when the cold feels the most unbearable.  In fact, I felt it much colder last week than the winter itself..maybe because, just like the plants outside..I wasn’t ready to face it!                                                           DSC_4608


Today, India won the cricket match against its arch rival Pakistan.  I sure remember being a cricket buff when I was younger, maybe in school. I remember watching the 1983 world cup match..peeking through windows as I walked to go to my class.. Even had people standing outside my home, some of them peeping from the window, because it was a house full already, everybody wanting to get a glimpse of the match. ( Remember! Those days, when TV was getting popular among homes, how we didn’t have any qualms barging into a neighbors house to watch TV, there was no need for invitations!!.)

But soon,  I had lost interest for everything cricket. Academic requirements, and other hobbies and passions  had taken over. Fast forwarding to today, with hubby dear eating, breathing cricket..I’ve been dragged into this manic world again..No complaints!! I did enjoy the gatherings we had during the weekends, in the name of cricket.  Weekend breakfasts had suddenly become a big affair, with so much variety, and bountiful too! Each of us were out to show our talent as cooks and the taste checkers..were ever so obliging to check out the dish. Not to forget the kids…who couldn’t wait to be done with the night and meet up with their friends. Looking forward to another weekend morning of “Coffee with Cricket” !! 

So this morning, knowing well Hubby dear will be following the match at work, I did peek in, now and then, to find out where we were.  Was happy just like all of you, we won the match. It was even fun to see so many people log on to facebook and post their signature messages expressing their joy.  Each of them distinctly different from the other.  The prophesies, much more important and LOUD than Nostradamus's too! For who was going to win the World cup this time?!

While all of you did that..I went into the yard to experience the spring that was back in the air after its hiatus from last week. And I got some wonderful shots.

 DSC_4899       This is Chionodoxa…One of my spring favorite. The blue on the edges, so magical, almost looks painted.. I love its name too! I had a lot of this in my yard, but, not this year..I see that, quite a few have survived the landscape work, Yey!!  So, hopefully they will multiply. This also come in a pale pink color.



DSC_4900                                              This is another spring favorite of mine.  The “Scilla” . Tiny flowers in blue and white.  In spite of their size…cannot miss it, if its in the yard. The blue is so bright and has streaks of dark indigos too. Its hard to believe its real. The white is yet to bloom in the yard.

And the next flower that features among my most favorite early spring blooms, I have in the yard. They are the crocus.  I even went ahead in planting quite a few of them under the grass..

DSC_4283 DSC_3939 DSC_4043


Two of my favorite shots!!!!

DSC_4929  DSC_4928

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