Sunday, April 17, 2011


This morning…Richa came running into our room absolutely delighted and jumping around, followed by the triplets…

“Mama, I know Maddition! I know Maddition!”, she shouted.

“Mama, she knows addition!”, the triplets exclaimed.

“We taught her how to add”, they continued.

“RIcha, what is 5 + 3?”, the triplets asked her.

“Eight!”, she shouted with excitement and an electric jump in the air.

“How do you do that, Richa. Show me!”, I asked not trusting what the triplets were saying.

She opened five fingers on one hand and struggled with opening the other three fingers on her other. When she was comfortable with 3 fingers open on the other…she used her face to count each open finger and counted


“She said the number even without counting, you see!”, Papa said, thrilled at his daughter’s achievement.

“Ask her another!”, I said.

“Richa what is 4+2?”, Papa asked her proudly.

“Eight!”, she shouted back again, along with that juiced up jump in the air!

‘Mama, she computed 4x2!”, N said, trying to cover up for that mistake.

They turned to Richa and showed her four fingers open on one hand and two on the other and asked her to count…

Ofcourse, she counted 6…

“So, you see, 4+2 is 6 and not eight!”, N told Richa.

They, then gave her another computation.

“What is 4+3, RIcha?”, they asked her, hoping she got the concept of how addition actually works.

“Eight!”, she shouted with enthusiasm and that hysterical jump in the air!

“Richa, come with me…that’s not how we do it.”, saying that they took her to their room as I heard them teach her this wonderful concept called addition while I kept hearing the periodic animated shrieks saying


I can already see her feeling with Calvin here..when she feels that she just has to accept the answer based on faith!!! :-)))))  and ask to be excused for being a Math Atheist!



Or, she taking help from her 2 pets called Kearny, the Reindeer and  Egwin, the Cat! when she’s going to be a first grader..(Right! she named her plush toy pets again! And, Egwin the cat, is actually a white tiger which she insists is a cat and a dog other times! Cat, I can understand, but the dog part, I don’t see …evolution playing its role here!  Maybe, I have to just accept this based on FAITH! :D)





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