Saturday, September 28, 2013

Girls need boots …. Daddy!


At $45 dollars each pair of boots, and 4 pairs through..I had waded through 2 winters, knee deep, hoping that my children would wear them..When the second winter also had passed without much success, I had hoped that their feet would stay smaller for another year so they could fit into them the next year too..and then almost immediately, had felt guilty that I let a thought like that cross my mind. The thought of buying another 4 new pairs was too much to assimilate. How would the wallets or the closets take this ?!!

It was a routine I had adopted…for myself for those winter mornings. I would stand at the boot stand and market those boots to my children. Every morning I had try to brain wash them…into thinking there’s nothing as cool or chic in the whole wide world as those boots, and they would just brush me off and wear those awful pair of converse. They had each painted their faces on their shoes to know one’s pair from the other’s.

The boots had looked so, cute! Why couldn’t they see that?

It was such a retro combination of chocolate and pink and yet had this Victorian charm, they ran up till the  knees..and had these long string to tie like, like the corset strings, making it look sooooo.. let me just say, ‘NICE’, before I can let the imagination run wild! 


And, I was available to tighten those strings, if they couldn’t!!

What could they have asked for more?!

The boots had been voted the best in some parenting magazine too!

Well, that’s what the store had claimed!! Then, I had wondered with all those strings to tie…if people who voted were actually parents!!  It needed me to reserve 5 minutes of the morning rush hour just for case my younger daughter agreed to wear them.

On the days that my triplet girls, PNK, had agreed to wear the boots,  they had preferred to cover those chic boots with their boot cut jeans although they had a choice of wearing a skinny jean on that day.

Now when their feet has totally outsized those boots, I had finished of, off the winter ordeal..making a decision that I would never again buy them boots. Never ever!!

I didn’t want to go through the agony of marketing another pair of boots that would get outsized…without being used!

Today, Hubby dear, shows me this WHATSAPP message…that is being sent to him regularly, unfailingly, once everyday and it, reads

“Daddy, Girls need boots……………..Smile Smile Smile Winking smile“   (with millions more)


PNK were sure…Mommy dear is good at one of either…Ignore such messages, in case, she checks them, or, she never checks her messages. So, they never waste their  “patao-ing”  energies on me..

On the other hand, Daddy is this cool guy, who loves to complain about Mumma’s shopping escapades, with the children, making it sound so true, comical and romantic to them, that they’ve remarked..

”Oh! Isn’t it cool to be married!” 

( that Poo, came u  with this sketch…She did well, illustrating what she understood of him…she finished it off with her opinion though! )


They are able to lend their ears to Papi’s stories..and in return Papa dear never says “NO!” to any of their requests. Now with the advent of online shopping..what does Papa find on their browsers?!

Tens and tens of tabs of Firefox or Chrome, each of them, highlighting a dress or accessory they would like to buy!  R is not behind. She makes sure Papa’s browsers points to her “Barbies dream house” or to “Barbie Mariposa and the fairy princess” dvd. She keeps us updated with her shopping needs. Google has become the new panacea to their shopping needs. Their new Elixir to knowledge. Knowledge of what can be bought.

She has already announced her birthday gift expectations..

(How Microsoft or Firefox even keep up without crashing before Papa gets to see those a mystery!)

Gone are those days when you could make your child believe that something is not available. They will point you to a store, in the whole world,  where you could buy it from.

So, Papa came to bed last night and tells me..

“Its going to be an expensive affair now..Your daughters want so many things!”

I felt so happy….”At last”, I thought….

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