Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Humans and Men!


A while ago..a morning, Rica, my younger daughter got a genuine doubt..

Why did you say “Woman”, Mama?! Who is that?, she asked taken by surprise at this new word that she heard, passed off as something that everybody should be knowing.

Rica, you are a girl, right?!, Mama asks.

And N (refering to a little boy!) is a boy, right?!

Same way..Mama is a “Woman” and Dad is a “Man”,  Mama explains to her..

She just stared at me for sometime trying to decipher what I told her….

Another way to call Mom’s and Dad’s, I must’ve led her to think…I thought!. But, thinking she was. I could see that gaze, she was giving to the wall, her mind was running... !

After all that explanation… the next night..she let me know why she had to think so hard after what I had explained. She didn’t agree with my version.

She told me

“Mama!  Mama’s are Humans and Dad’s are Men.

Anyways..it felt good to know that even a small kid thinks Mama’s are Humans and Dad’s are not! Smile

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