Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ah! That elusive cuppa brew!


I’m sure everyone reading this post would have experienced this at least once when they find that their cup of tea or coffee, that elixir,  that potion of sanity, that nectar that the likes of us,  expect to be greeted with every morning to keep our lives going…DISAPPEAR!!  Poof! Just like magic..One minute it was in your hands and the next … its a phantom, a figment of your imagination.

It happens to me everyday.

Taking some liberty to digress a bit, you know, as your kids friend had rightly, reminded me once..the liabilities that you once faced as a parent of a toddler, decreases…The kids start to take on some accountability for themselves....In fact, take on the onus of some of yours as well.

Well, at least, for a brief period of time, only to see this issue, come back with a vengeance when they approach teenage years…

I am in that phase of indebtedness now, as a parent of triplets. Every morning, I am greeted with a reminder posted by my children, to the right side of the stove..on the side of the refrigerator as I turn to it..

Comical, how I went all out to buy a refrigerator that has a non-magnetic metallic front..only to realize, I miss it..and then take heart that..the sides of it are magnetic..after all. Ah! Panacea for all those reminders that needs to be posted, in a parent’s life. So, my refrigerator has all the stickers on its sides!!!

Mama.. remember to

1. Take your coffee out of the microwave

2. Watch out for burning rice too!

Everyday I diligently read it and vow to follow it..and somehow in the next second, that thought gets swiped away from my mind. I didn’t realize, when and how, I developed this skill to be so good at it..and consistently so!

A few mornings, I’ve opened the microwave with the intention to make myself that very heavenly drink.., that placebo which is going to raise my soul from the dead..make me feel human again, so, I can carry on with my day’s work..only to find the other cuppa tea that I was unable to find from last evening.. THERE! Starring back at me!

“Hah! There you are..U elusive little cup..”, I exclaim in surprise.

That’s another knack I learnt over the years…to amaze myself with the littlest every idiosyncratic way… I know..I am looking to handle less and less of my sanity and with the coming years…

But, Today was going to be different. It was going to be the day of the renaissance.

The day that was going to be remembered in time, as the revolt of the Caffeine Deprived Triplet Mom. The day she awoke to claim what was rightfully hers to have all along!

I was going to claim that chimerical cuppa coffee that had managed to wriggle free from me everyday!!!  That evading, slimy..dubious and yet so therapeutic cup-of-coffee!

No! Not today! There’s no escaping today, Little Cup!

As I put the cup I found in the microwave..away for wash, I recalled with resignation, my intention to reheat that cup of tea from last evening   I looked to the reminder again..

“Mama!! Remember to remove your coffee from the microwave!!”

Enough to recharge my resolution.

After the kids walked out the door to their school bus,  I approached that cuppa coffee that had gone cold, left by hubby dear that morning for me.. Just as the microwave starts to buzz..I remember, that the clothes from the washer needs to be switched to the drier..So, I walk there…and start to do that.  But, the clothes from the drier had to be moved too..I take them upstairs. And as I fold them..I realize..

“Ah! My elusive cuppa coffee was in the microwave!”..

I run back downstairs to get that..and remember, I had forgotten put the clothes in the dryer. So, I walk to the laundry room with my cuppa coffee..I place it gently on the washer and start to move the clothes from the the dryer..As, I finished,

Oh! Didn’t I leave the clothes to fold upstairs..I walk back up..and as I start to fold..I realize

“Ah! My elusive cuppa coffee was left in the laundry room!”

So, I walk back downstairs to bring it back..only to find it gone cold! It goes back into the microwave again..I was not going to give up..

As the microwave starts to buzz again…I notice my daughter’s library books, that she was supposed to take back to school that morning, lying on the kitchen counter top.. (Uh! talk about accountability!!)  Annoyed … I carry it upstairs..only after I had remembered to pick my cuppa coffee, from the microwave.

I walk upstairs to the kids place her book only to find their tables a big mess..I place my cup of this melting life extract on the table before I start to fix their table. As I fix that..I remember, I left the clothes from the dryer … unfolded!

I move to the clothes and as I folded them away..wasn’t that mind of mine working?! I am struck with this idea that I need to put down on paper before I could bid goodbye to the thought.  As I am getting done…I realize..I need to rush to my swim..if I’m to make it in time to pick my daughter R.  As I rush out..I look for that spooky cuppa coffee that I could sip as I drove, but,…unable to find it..I walk out.

As the kids walk in from school, I am busy making a cuppa tea for myself. Just as I had poured myself a fresh cup..K, my daughter brings to me…that “elusive” cuppa coffee..

“Mama! This was lying on my table!”

“Ah! that elusive cuppa coffee!” , I exclaim in surprise it was the first time…

Exhausted..I turn to continue with the cooking that I was engaged with..  totally oblivious that the cuppa tea I just poured was getting cold too!

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