Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alarm Clock!


Last Month..the triplets asked Papa to set an alarm for them so they can wake themselves up in the morning.  Wow! I thought. They are getting responsible and want to impress mom…

Well, It would’ve been ok if they had just said that much..But, That wasn’t how they had put it.

“Papa!  can you set an alarm clock for us, so Mama need not come inside and scream at us in the morning, to wake us up?!”

Scream?! Whatever that means?! Can you imagine that Puss in the Boots look on me. Can you?! Trust me, I’m as innocent as that look.

Is that how they had taken my “Wake up Songs”. So many of them that I created, just for their wake up entertainment. Most, on the spur! My creative energy at its best…Some even were rhythmic claps. My inspiration coming from a CD I used to play for them when they were toddlers.

Poof! What a disappointment. Why had they not mentioned it to me ever before?  Why are such things so easy for them to tell Papa?!

No wonder, they had gotten up at the first 2 lines of the song.  Never got to enhance my music ccccomposing skills further…

Thinking back, maybe, I had sometimes, called out a little loud, but,  I have to wake 3 see!   That itself is one gargantuan task. And, don’t they take almost 45 minutes of brushing and washing that doesn’t even include getting their eyes wet, or, cleaning up after themselves!!

I had wanted them to be able to finish their breakfast and remember to pack their lunch and brush their hair, before they would be running outside, with their shoes and coats in their hands, to the bus.

Was that so bad an idea?!

So, Papa, as sweet as he is to the kids..complied. Why wouldn’t he?! Somebody had seconded him. Mom does have a very loud voice. He didn’t even consider questioning them, reprimanding them at the way they had portrayed their mom!  They had made him happy for the evening.

I remember calling him at work..we had been talking on the phone for a few minutes and he tells me

“Why are you shouting?!”

“Me shouting?! NO!!  I’m just talking normally”, I reply, a bit louder this time..irked at that constant reminder..that’s as true as winter is here to stay for another 6 weeks.

Did I shout? I ask myself.

Back in my school days, I’ve always been known to be this soft spoken person. How can I convince Hubby dear that I was indeed using my talking voice?!

“You’ve got a very sensitive earphone!”, I reply..

“If I keep it away from my ears..everybody will be able to hear you talk”, comes the reply..

“I’m using my ears to stop your voice from spilling out of the earpiece!”, he continues…”blah blah..”

“ah! he’s just trying to paint me as a loud mouth”, I think..ignoring his remarks as I finished with the call.

After I’m done with the call…I start to ponder on this thing about why everybody seems to think, I Shout!

As I am pondering on this issue, the kids just walk in from school throwing their bags on the floor.

“Pick up your bags and put them away, PNK”

Nothing happens. They are busy with what they were talking among each other. After a couple times of repeating that..

PUT YOUR BAGS AWAY, PNK!!!!” , I yell..

It had felt like magic.  It had worked like a charm. Everything was cleared in a jiffy.

Well you can see the pattern, I told myself.  If you’ve to be talking like this everyday..isn’t this supposed to be their hearing voice .. and your talking voice?! Everyone seems to be responding well to this voice. Otherwise, You might as well be talking to the walls and nobody would know..there’s a crazy person who talks to the PNK residence.

Even if Hubby dear minds..I forgive myself for using my inner voice to get things done…and its already night time..

The next morning, I had just walked into the kids room, to wake them up, and what do I find?!

The kids had already brushed. The alarm clock had woken them up. Just as I was about to ask them, if the alarm sounds too loud…P says..

“Mama, is there a way you can tape your voice onto this clock,  saying WAKE UP!!!”

Almost saying it out with a shrieking voice..

I wasn’t sure if she was making fun of me or she really wanted that…

P.S: Since she was really making fun of me..the alarm clock has been punishing ringing at odd hours..that they’ve hidden that piece somewhere … in the bottom of the earth .. where no humans will be able to hear it ever…and, I’ve got my job of composing morning music…back!


Rachna said...

Very true! Though they would like to blame their moms, it is the kids who are responsible for making us use that high-pitched voice. I find the same happening in my house. When I speak softly, kisi ke kaan par joo bhi nahin rengti. As soon as I "scream" suddenly everyone's hearing is honed and things get done :). Good post with humor!

Bhagyashree said...

I feel so glad today :) So I am not the only one who 'screams' :)