Friday, May 9, 2014

The Omnipresent Pencil


Pencil pencil everywhere,

Not one to write with..

You can wear a pencil for a coat,

Or, even push your feet into one for a shoe,

as you find them waiting for the closet.

You can have a pencil for breakfast,

Or, a crunchy, pinching lunch…

as they wait for you in the kitchen, beside your pancake.

You can sleep on a sturdy slim pencil,

Or, cover yourselves with a blanket of pencils,

as they wait for you on the bed or under!

You can find these pesky creatures..everywhere..

studded like gems, in your home.

if your home is full of children or NONE!!

They make you realize…how valuable it is,

to have a pencil with a point..just as you were in the

need to write down your thoughts.

They make holes in your pockets and lead to a home full

of sharpeners … just because you wanted to write

down a note or a check!

My home is full of these things..that is, pencils without points!

I wonder, if it would be different if I weren’t a mother.

Cause…it makes life easier…to blame everything on my famous 5!

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