Sunday, May 11, 2014

Principal Director of Operations


I’m sure everybody has watched the video that had been circulating the web from a few weeks ago about the job with this title, “Director of Operations”.

Requirements: 135+ hours per week, no breaks, unlimited patience, ability to wear several hats….

Its when a woman asks … “Is that even legal?!!” after hearing to the job requirements,  that you realize what it takes to be a mom!

It was amazing that my children noticed it too, that they came up with this wonderful idea to Honor me for this job that I had taken up. They created a card…just for me.







While the idea was was a complete joy to know… Oh! they realize, they appreciate, what I do for them as their mom. The tears were a pleasant side effect. Thanking me for taking up this job? A topping on the cake.

But, the part that sent us on this ride of laughter was when N explained their struggle at getting the images, my images,  without having to violate my copyrights!

They had used all the pictures of themselves, that I had published, in making the card. They didn’t know where to find the images on my computer and couldn’t ask me. They even thought of copying the images from my website…but, that would be stealing..right?!!

N:   I didn’t want to violate your copyrights, mama.

So, N  got the images from Google Images to be safe!! And in their own version of respecting my copyrights, they stole the images, lawfully, from Google Images and got the card printed..

Judge Papa:

OK…now that you know that doesn’t mean u’ve not violated copyright issues…lets hold a hearing in the family court.


You owe Mama all your pocket money for the next 10 years to be paid in cash to Mama. Plus, 3000 hours of house service to be performed on a weekly basis until you go to college.

----xxxx SETTLED xxxx-----

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