Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Flirting has begun!


I just heard the school bus arrive and walked to the front door to open it for PNK. I saw them get off the bus and as they walked, they stopped to talk something and then..took a few steps towards the door and then, stop to talk again.

I love watching them talk like that, with each other, after they alight from the school bus, everyday.   All that gossip that needs to be refreshed before they step inside.  Understandable, right?!  They were so immersed in their talk.

Lovely!  Life was so easy..so less complications to handle.  Every moment at school, as silly as it may feel to us, meant so much to these kids, right?!..So important.  Between the 3 of them, they have the gossip of 3 classrooms to share..  It reminded me of my childhood days.

As the bus took a turn and left..I saw my girls turn to look towards the next crossroad on the street, where the bus stopped, again. After a few seconds as the bus left the other stop, I was just about to the turn the knob on the door,that,  I heard the 3 of them..scream something loudly, looking in the direction.

It took me by shock! OMG..my girls shouting on the road like that at somebody?! 

I hurriedly opened the door and went out and looked around. I wanted to know who they were screaming at. I saw a boy totally lost in his iPod crossing the road. He seemed oblivious to them. So, who were they screaming at?!

“Why are you screaming? Who are you screaming at?!”

I asked them anxiously, totally surprised at their behaviour, all set to reprimand them  for what I just saw them do…

What?!! my girls..behave like rowdies, in the neighborhood?!!!

“Its that boy at the next stop Mama!” They answered.

“What happened!”

“Mama..that boy is very mean..he always tells mean stuff to K!”, N remarked.

“What did he say?”

Today, he looked at K and said..

“Did you just fart?  Because, you totally blew me away!”

I put my fingers on my eyes, just in time..to stop them  from popping out. Wow…!, it hit me..

“OMG!! Really?! Who is that boy? “,  I asked trying to peep outside only to find tiny figures, walking away at the next crossroad.

Suddenly, PNK realized that maybe Mama is going to take this matter up with the boy…

“Mama, Mama..That’s ok!…Its OK!  I don’t mind it!”, K tried to assure me…I could almost see her thinking, why did she even mention it to me.

“I’m not mad at him!”,  she was backing away!

“I’m not going to be mad .. everytime somebody says something!”, she tried convincing me.

Ok then!!, I said and walked away.

Well..I’m sure, my children may have a lot of complaints growing up, about me, but, one complaint that will not figure in the list will be, standing up for them! Smile 

Still, In my mind … I couldn’t help but smile and feel “WOW!!”

What can I say, I was Totally speechless at the boy’s remark!!  Really naughty!!

In the evening as I recounted the episode to Hubby dear….he burst out laughing and announced

“Now…The Flirting has just begun!”

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