Thursday, June 12, 2014

June is Special!


June is a very special month in my life..

Its when I was blessed … 3 times !!!

Its when I became a mom for the first time…three times over.

Its when my family suddenly expanded triple fold!

Its when I experienced love so overcoming, I never knew existed.

Its when I felt such immense strength , inspite of being the weakest I’d ever been, physically.

Its when I saw my babies struggle to survive in the NICU..that I realized..if these little ones can start learning things they are not supposed to, so early in their lives (born 2 months ahead of their due date)…like cold touch, loud sounds, feel hunger,feel scared,  then, I should be able to do it as a mother of 3 babies.

Its when I realized that I could go night after night without sleep and not feel like I needed to catch up on it.

Its when I experienced totally completeness, when I fed my babies..

Its when I realized where science has reached and thanked the NICU staff for playing such a big part in my life…keeping my children safe.


Every year…June comes reminding me of our struggles, as we went through year after year..getting stronger, physically and emotionally. Me as a children, as kids, we’ve grown stronger and today..PNK feel no different from any other kid in their class, nor, do I feel different from any other mother I come across.


As I see my children, rearing to grow up.. like any other mother..I’m silently pleading with them, to slow, I may get some more of these precious days with them, into my treasure chest, some more of these priceless memories of them into my pockets, some more of their tantrums to endure, some more of their silly stories to share with, some more time to be able to teach them things I know and learnt in my life before they’d want to fly away...…and make their own nest…and year after they grow up into such beautiful human beings..I fear, of that, instead of enjoying these priceless moments with them.


This June 14th…my darling triplet daughters, PNK..turn 12. They’ve come a long way from the 3.1,  2.94,  2.25 pound babies they were born as.  Its been a struggle but, they’ve fought all odds physically and emotionally, and I cannot say enough to laud them at their accomplishments and sweet personalities that they’ve developed. Such beauties, so loving, so talented, motivated and driven to do everything they get their hands on. I feel so proud to be their mom and feel so blessed to have them in my lives…Truly truly blessed.  Thanks, dear God!

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