Thursday, November 18, 2010


The other day, Hubby dear and me came across some cartoon like scribbles on a paper. It looked interesting and the lines were very fast confident ones, not like how a kid would make. We thought that maybe, one of our daughter would have made it..but discarded that thought quickly, because, like I said earlier, the lines were fast confident ones, seemed like the thoughts flowed quickly as the person was drawing the figures. We knew, we didn’t do that..and if not the kids, then,  the only choice was the kids uncle who visits us every weekend.  We also felt surprised at the thought that he could draw such figures. Still, unable to help my curiosity,  I asked P, if she knew who drew that. To my amazement, she told me that she had done them!
Wow! I thought..When had P started to draw like that?..I complimented her. The next day, she had a page full of such figures, playing, dancing..and she agreed that she couldn’t get some of the forms right. But hey, who cares..they looked so great to me. I am her mom, not some critic from the movie “History of the World , Part 1”Poojha's scribbles_0002
A couple of weeks ago, the kids had a art class on using oil pastels. They were so thrilled that such a medium exists which they could use to express their art.  They had dabbled with chalk pastels earlier and that’s soooo messy.
This oil version of pastels was like some kind of gift from the tooth fairy. Their prospect of turning into Picasso's and Van Gogh's seemed brighter. The pastel colors were so bright and smooth compared to the crayons. They started to dole out art pieces after art pieces everyday…trying their hand at colors and making highlights trying to make clouds look more like clouds and snow seem like snow.
   Trio art 1_0023-2 Trio art 1_0026-2 Trio art 1_0025-2 Trio art 1_0024-2 (They couldn’t go around places like me..clicking pictures of this year’s fall…so, they got their imaginations to do that for them..)
Poo's Art 14_0020-2 Poo's Art 14_0018-2

Trio art 1_0022-2  (I’m assuming that its me that the triplets are watching from behind the tree…in the drawing above. )
I also went ahead and bought them each a box of oil pastels so they explore them further. Then, I saw the bigger version of the art they had created..The floor and the table were totally dotted with the dust from these oil pastels..sticky masses of dots of different color all across that new wooden floor and their new table. The table didn’t look black any more nor did the floor around their table look its color..! So today, I put them to task cleaning all that mess and took back their privilege of using the oil pastels forever! (the girls understand that forever means for a day or two.  Reminds me of this cartoon clip. It think it was Blondie.
Girl’s Father: You have a call from your boyfriend.     
Girl: Tell him not to call me ever again!           
Girl’s Father to the boyfriend: Call her back tomorrow.)
Add to this, it was R’s turn to be “Star of the Week” at her school. Suddenly their room was abuzz with activity.  Each of the triplet sister was making stuff for R that she could talk about and show to her friends. About her family, about the pet she once had, her abilities, her likes, her dislikes, drawings of her favorite princesses so on. They made a book for her and named it
“Book about me, R” with her picture on the header.
R enjoyed that attention.
All this done…she had watched her Didis create those master pieces for her, drawings of her family, her Yorkie doggie, and so much brought about this massive movement in her…Suddenly, R’s artistry took a turn towards ….(too early to say..)! She started to dole out masterpieces of sketches of herself with her dog that is no longer there…                 IMG_0001
sketches of her family.  Before she had sketched her Papa, she had asked me “Mama, is Papa a boy or a girl?” After getting clarified that Papa was indeed a boy and not a monkey!! she decides to give him the POODLE hair, rather than those 2 skinny pony tails that we ladies got, not to forget the monkey ears.
If that is how much hair I would get being a girl..I would rather be drawn a boy, that way, my head would at least be covered with some hair!!  One can also see, she’s deciding how many fingers to give a person..She knows its five but, five means 3 or 6 or 7 lines…?! She’s also deciding on the number of legs.

I was actually impressed by this one because, she showed it to me and said..”Look mama, I’m falling down “, and it does look a little bit like that. Its become one of her favorite activities..How else will she be able to catch up with her Didis who have more than an edge over her. An edge of some 4+ years! When the kids were outside playing, she was busy perched on a chair at the triplets table, doing her artwork. She also insisted in bringing her book of art, to the restaurant, where she intended to continue with her masterpiece.
I suddenly have a house full of artists here and each of them is overwhelming me less with their artistic abilities and more with the mess it creates.
“Our Father in Heaven, please help our home from these great artists, save the floors and the furniture, save the newly painted walls of all those smudges from water colors and pastels. Give the artists the ability to draw some hair on people’s head, especially the women they draw and five fingers to human hands and right number of legs…….”


bhagyareema said...

Just recovering from fever and ur post enlivened me ;)
U indeed have artists have home, RFicha sure has imagination.
We mothers will be so proud of whatever our kids do isn't it?

gayatri said...

Hi Bhagyareema, Good, I was of some help.Take care. yeah! anything our kids feels so great to us parents even if we have to endure the difficulties associated with it!