Saturday, February 15, 2014

Affection…in Public?!


Public display of affection and love….are you comfortable with that?! Could be in any form..could just be an innocent peck on your cheek by your spouse/partner or a tight hug. Do you like it?

I used to find that very uncomfortable. I still feel embarrassed. But, Hubby dear has always been fine with that. Luckily for him…we met and our romance blossomed here in USA. We married here, live here.  So, whenever he did try being romantic with me in public..we didn’t have people turning their head and giving us odd stares…it was normal.  For me…it was uncomfortable nonetheless.


When Hubby dear would hug me or even give me a light peck on the impulsive reaction would be to look around and make sure..nobody was watching us and then deal with Hubby dear. He used to laugh at me…for doing that.

He had always told me that my eyes reminded him of the Deer…always scared and checking around. 

Fast forward so many years…we now have a house full of kids and sometimes even our parents, and, I still keep using my Deer eyes. Until the kids were 3-5 years old…we didn’t have any problems with displaying our affections in front of the kids. Then…Papa started being very clever. He would take the permission of his children..

“Mama deserves a kiss right?!” , he would ask them.

They would nod innocently and laugh at my reaction.  Today, he tries that with Richa and she pushes him away and says…

“No! you can’t kiss Mama, she is mine!”

and at other times she will side with Papa and say..

“ have to kiss Mama”

They enjoy seeing their parents in love. Every child does! But, the show of affection should be decent. They cannot, however, stand to see their parents being too physical.

We call one of our kid.. “The Cop”

Its so hard to get a few private moments as husband and wife. She can always figure out that we’re up to something. Even if she were in another room…she would be walking into our room at the moment. She will become uncomfortable and walk away..and leaving us feeling so silly…especially me..I could die of embarrassment. I feel like burying my face into something like an Ostrich.

Luckily, we’ve never had the situation like in Modern Family where the children … out to wish/impress their parents…open their door, one morning with a tray of Breakfast in their hands, only to find the parents naked, in a really awkward position. The son’s (Luke!) words still ringing in my ears..

“Whatever mom and dad were doing…it looked like Dad was winning hands down!”

Today, we celebrated our 18 year of Valentine together and my daughter did the honors of clicking our candid moments together.  Actually she insisted that she wanted to click some candid moments of her parents together.

Just a few instructions on compositions and she could already feel the joy of capturing beautiful moments..She remarked..

“I want to become a photographer!”

She has always been like this. When she was a toddler … she had remarked, that she had wanted to be a married woman. 

A Video that I made of our pictures clicked by my children…even my MOM!


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