Saturday, February 8, 2014



Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a second chance that nature gives to celebrate Spring all over again, only this time, we look at the leaves as if they were flowers. 



A season to bring out your sweaters, a season for hot tea, pumpkins, acorns, fog, frost, leaves..bonfires and be scary on Halloween. A season to light lamps to celebrate Diwali, and give thanks to, too!

As the summer heat starts to subside, fresh colors starts to emerge. It makes me feel so warm, even as the temperature decreases. Last fall…we did not do our usual trip to the Mountains to see the fall colors because the colors in and around our town were so vibrant that I hadn’t seen this vibrance in many years.


The red maples reached their full color even as the October Glory was still not done. The leaves stayed on the trees for very long, the days with blue skies and fluffy white clouds giving some out of the world contrasts.  Every day as I drove..I enjoyed the vibrance around and I would vow to come back with my camera but, it usually never happened.

In spite of all this..I did however make time now and then to capture the colors around my home and the couple of times that I ventured out (when it happened at the peak of bright sunny daylight!)… There were times when I remembered to keep the camera with I drove the kids to the Doctors or the Dentists, the Music class or the Dance, or, even when I went to the grocery store. It was those times that I would stop the vehicle to the side and capture a few glimpses of the fall of 2013.

Fall usually takes off in September when the temperature starts to fall and the flowers start to appear again.  Especially the Cosmos, Lavender and many wildflowers. Even the smaller Petunias, Lobelias, Impatient start to flourish after the beating of summer’s heat. Its even time for Halloween, and lots of other world festivals like DIWALI! This Diwali we took the time not only to light up the home but, also bring in color with some Rangoli.


As the temperatures drop further and the day light decreases the October Glorys and Burning Bush is on fire.and the Red Maples and the last of the fall…starts to show. It’s a thing to experience with patience..Your senses need to activate..and for needs to slow down, breath that fresh air  and take notice.That was my endeavor this fall…Maybe that’s why I felt that the fall was very vibrant this year?!  Not sure! I created a video of the things that I noticed this fall. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


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