Thursday, July 22, 2010


There is one person who loves to read my blogs for sure. My dear hubby. He reads and re reads and re reads and has tears in his eyes while he is reading feeling overwhelmed by all that I put into words that we experience together. For the last 3 days he has been bugging me why I don’t have any new blog up.  Right now, he is not with us in India so this is his way of being with us. Most Summers, he drops us off in India, then he is back to pick us up end of August, because he loves to earn frequent flier miles. Well,I wish that was the reason.

He enjoys that our kids and his parents and mine get to spend quality time together, here in India, even if he has to be at work. We hardly have any decent time for ourselves between sharing the time with the kids and our jobs, as any other growing family. But, whatever little time we do have together, we love it.  And it is better this way, because, in the course of us growing up as a family, we’ve each developed our idiosyncrasies, that we are unwilling to give up, or it can start getting at each of our nerves.

There have been days when my hubby had no other ambition in life than to track me down in the campus through friends. He would know which department, or which lab I could be found in. And since he has this knack with numbers, remembering those phone numbers weren’t difficult for him (People usually called him up to get any phone number they forgot, now their phones do that for them). Then, we would spend so many many many minutes on the phone whose bills we couldn’t afford. Now we can easily pay those phone bills but have no time to spare to chat on the phone in situations like today’s.

Reminds me, how he would just jump into his car and drive 700+ miles to have a glimpse of me in school, whenever he had a long weekend. During spring breaks and many other such breaks, those drives to and fro we made to his place and back to mine. On one such trip when his friend had accompanied us he told me, “he earned you, doing all this driving”. If there was a frequent driver miles, we would have earned enough to last us for a long time. Those long long drives were so fun. Then, we were so excited to be married but, with that came responsibilities.  Our jobs, his night school, the pregnancy, the kids. Nothing felt difficult because we were in it together.

In my days of “Richard Bach” , trying to find my soul mate,  I would always wonder who that person would be that I would marry. I had a lot of conditions. He should be witty, not a serious type of person, able to make me laugh easily, friendly, easy going, surely good looking, tall, intelligent, strong, big muscles (maybe not this), successful (doesn’t happen when people meet in college) and the list could go on. He fit this profile so well although a lot of it came later..(it was so easy to trust him.)

He has still not given up on the milestone when he will be able to carry me effortless like maybe how Shahrukh Khan or many other bollywood heroes, carry buxom beauties in the bollywood movies, without breaking their backs. His weight training is no match to the rate I put on weight. He often says playfully, “these girls are a total cheat, they show themselves slim and nice before marriage, and then their true colors after marriage (fatter)”.  I reply “yeah! and the kids grew on the trees, right”, to save my skin.

I’m sure one day you will be able to carry me easily Pavan.

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Ha ha ha...very romantic........