Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creating music?

Last night my husband was wondering what I was doing in the bathroom.  He could hear a series of claps with the tingle of my bangles in a rhythm. I was not trying to make any music or tap a rhythm in the bathroom. I was trying to swat some mosquitoes with my hands.

I realized that they have evolved from what they used to be 15 years back when I used to live here. They have gotten very good at dodging or maybe I’ve forgotten how to be fast in catching them,  I first tried swaying my hand and catching them plain soundless. I was sure that I caught it. I had taken my hands around the mosquito before I closed on it.  I looked around for the mosquito to make sure its not around before I slowly opened my hand. But, it wasn’t there!

Then I tried clapping my hands on them, since I heard that loud claps makes these pesky creatures immobile.  How they excel in not letting people have a decent night’s sleep. But, that hardly mattered to the mosquito. Then I started looking for them sitting on the walls. I quickly hit the wall with my hand and was successful in hitting the mosquito.  It fell to the ground, I felt like an adrenaline rush, Yeah! I just got one, but, then it got up in a few seconds and flew away.  After a long game that I played in the bathroom, I came out thinking that I took care of all the mosquitoes over there. As I opened the door one flew past me into the bedroom.

There are so many mosquito repellents available in the market. But, I see they are of hardly any use. These mosquitoes are flying around freely. I make the room cold in the night, thanks to the AC unit my mom has installed for our convenience, hoping that the kids will keep the blankets on them and protect themselves from their bites. But, kids are kids, they are not aware of any blankets on them. They just sleep unconditionally when they are tired. They don’t need blankets, they don’t need breeze to blow. So, I spend the nights frequently waking up to make sure they are covered.

The other day, I found a very fun and interesting device that is being sold on the streets here in Hyderabad, An electric fly swatter,  I love the sound of the fireworks that come when it touch the flies. So, now I am entertaining myself with this electric swatter going around the house trying it on fruit flies and mosquitoes.


Rachna said...

Interesting, your escapades with the mosquitoes :). That electric racquet like thing works best with mosquitoes if you are quick enough. And, one gets great pleasure in hearing them get electrocuted :). Another good thing to do would be to close the bathroom windows with mesh. That takes care of most mosquitoes in the house. It is easy to get it done with the help of a carpenter. We saw that the mosquito population in our house reduced drastically after this. How about trying mosquito repellent cream on the kids?

gayatri said...

Hi Rachna, The mosquito tackling kit that I had brought with me..was the one that made my suitcase heavy. I did come prepared but, you are talking to a person who hasn't been bothered by them for a long time now..too pampered. :-) So, reduction...what is reduction...we are still getting bitten.

Sanjeev said...

Reminded me of my college days. We used to burn the coils and the mosquitoes would sit in the burning coil as if they were getting a high with the smoke :)

Ramaa said...

Yeah, that electric racquet is a life saver from mosquitoes and my daughter enjoys the fireworks much that she wants to be the one to use it all the time ;-)

gayatri said...

Hi Sanjeev, we tried the coil and as you said..they are so immune to it. We are the ones who are suffering from throat problems since that.

Hi Ramaa, when were u in India. So, u got to use it. Even my kids love it..and I feel like a kid when I use it. :-)