Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Butterfly Friend.


Its the monsoon season and lots of butterflies have sprung up. My experienced and talented friends on face book are posting pictures after pictures (some of those pictures feel out of this world), showing off their photographic skills and their equipment.  I feel privileged knowing such photographers. They either picture exotic bugs or butterflies or mushrooms and beautiful locations with rivulets etc. I love photography too and yearn to take such pictures but, I have none to show. I didn't get a chance to go hiking in the rain with my equipment or am I able to spot a butterfly that will let me picture it. 

I have been making this observation for the past few days, I see a lot of butterflies flying around but, haven’t able to spot a single butterfly that would just relax and let itself be photographed. Then, how in the world are my friends able to click such great pictures of these beautiful creatures. I had already given up on photographing a butterfly. But, today the unimaginable, the impossible happened! There was this butterfly that decided to let itself photographed. It didn’t move, It let me touch it, it let me click its picture a billion times (yeah! maybe too exaggerating but you get the point )  and so, I tried to do justice to it by showing it to the world on this blog.

What do I see when I am having my coffee this morning, a butterfly just clinging to a leaf, not flying around flit flutter..but, relaxing. So, I took my first shot.


Then I went closer and clicked again…edited_DSC_3545 

It didn’t move!!! So, I went a little more closer and clicked again.


Still didn’t move…Went more closer and clicked again.


Didn’t move. This one was going to relax and let itself pictured for eternity. Then it moved a little and let itself shown sideways.


Didn’t fly away, it was posing!!!! So, to do justice to its beauty, I went around it, clicking away. I promised it,  I wouldn’t disappoint it.


And it trusted me. and gave me another shot.


and another


Then I tried taking its picture like I was peeping.


Then, it gave me its best shots.




And this was Richa peeping over the butterfly watching it. She discovered today “Mama , the butterfly got EYES!!!!”


Thank you my butterfly friend for posing for me. You made this desire of mine to picture beautiful butterflies be fulfilled today.

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