Saturday, October 16, 2010


That Halloween is approaching, I realized, I would have to buy new costumes for the kids this year. Richa is not at an age where she understands the difference between buying a new costume versus wearing something that her sisters had already used earlier. Her choice is clear, it needs to be a princesses costume of which luckily, we have so many, with 3 of them already gone through that phase. I’m sure she will be content with any one of the princess costume we have at home. But, the triplets would need new dress ups this year.

They have grown taller and I’m sure they wouldn’t agree to dress in costumes they had already tried earlier, even if it fit.  Its been years since we have found time to go out shopping for dress wear. So, scanning the internet, I first asked Neha to help me choose a costume for her and as usual I had a few selected depending on her choice from the previous years. It had been mostly pink, and mostly princess, fairies and sweet looking costumes.  But, this year, when she looked at these selections ..

“I’m not a baby, Mama”, she told me.

I was surprised, almost shocked to hear that. My girl, to whom, even at the age of 2, the dreamy look of the costume had been so important,  who had pointed to the evening gowns and other prom dresses that she had seen at the Mall,  especially, the strapless ones, and had let us know that she loves and wants to be dressed like that, is telling me that, her taste for costumes is not the same anymore.  In all these years, their costumes had varied from Disney princesses,belles, brides, angels to dancers, Last year, the wildest she had dressed was a band on her head representing an angel and a devil.



Hearing that from her now … “I’m not a baby, Mama” still ringing in my ears,  It almost felt like we have hit a milestone with regards to my triplets (keeping in mind her taste reflects the taste of the other 2 girls too). 

“I want some thing scary, Mama”, she said

Another shock. She was asking for something that she had detested to dress in until now.  I had seen a lot of kids dress up as witches and other scary things when I had taken my kids on their trick or treat trips all these years and, I used to wonder if my kids would ever choose dresses like those. They had been so obsessed with pretty looking ones.

So, I showed her some of the witch costumes. And, she retorted immediately saying

“I don’t like witch costumes mom, I want scary looking ones, but not witch ones”

Scary to her doesn’t mean witch?!…but aren’t witch costumes scary. There were some cool costumes this year, like the bumble bee or the lady bug ones. She immediately discounted those choices, especially the lady bug costume. Too childish!!  They had looked cute and chic to me. But, I don’t belong to this generation so, I don’t even trust my own selections. In the end, she chose this costume.


And I convinced Poojha to wear this


Kavya is still vacillating between being a witch and 2 faced.

Later, Neha was talking about an exercise that they had done in her class. Her teacher had asked the kids to design or describe the costume that the kids would like to wear this Halloween and she would help in sending these requests to a Halloween costume designer. I asked her what she had chosen. …Sadly, she had missed that class since we had been away that day. So, what were the choices of her classmates then! Some of them are listed below.

  • Corpse Bride
  • Zombie Michael Jackson
  • Dork costume with bloody face
  • Zombie rock star
  • Witch ballerina

Oh my! what imaginations! It was obvious….why she had changed her choice of her costume to scary.


Sonal said...

Dhruvi reacted the same way and my reaction was like you, Gayatri!

gayatri said...

:-) I'm sure u came across this much earlier than I did..Welcome Sonal!!