Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative or Wild!!

The girls had been to a play date like situation last weekend..They’ve been practicing for a play in our community. When the kids get together in one of the residents place, the place looks more like a venue for a play date than, a place, where, serious stuff is happening. Kids were everywhere..on the sofa’s, chaise, tables, playrooms, upstairs and downstairs, inside except outside.  I’m sure that my friend would have had her work set for the evening fixing her home back to its original state since, she’s a stickler for neatness. So, after one such session, the kids came home with lots of creative energy and sometimes this can go wild (which could have been harnessed for the practice session, but for the director mom, who thinks that she is being very hard on the kids).

Their enthusiasm for the play and learning their dialogues can be seen from this picture below…Everybody seems either engrossed in their script, or, watching the other kids perform their part.  DSC_0943

These 4 kids have the most important part of the play and one can see they are serious about it. Its going to be an amazing experience for the kids and will surely play a part in fueling more of such creative activities in the future. Like it did to my triplets, who came home with this weird energy. They needed to expend it..They wanted to go cycling which I let them. The day was so beautiful. The geese were usual, flying to the nearby pond.


But, it got boring, soon enough. Then,  they realized that the helmets are more than mere helmets..It could be used as shields for a fist fencing game…DSC_0069

And while the other 2 siblings were engaged in theirs, one of them becomes the Laughing Shiva umpiring over them. It can only be left to imagination, what it would be like, to create a parody, or a little comic mime like thing where, we have mortals fighting like this and Shiva, the destructor and creator of the cosmos, would be watching them mortals fighting and laughing over them,thinking, how these mortals make his work easy for him,changing the outcomes between the opponents at the flip of his finger..That’s some weird imagination there.

Have heard of a ‘Laughing Man’, or ‘Dancing Shiva’, but, first experience with a ‘Laughing Shiva’. This Shiva needs to straighten his arms further..


Then..after a series of crazy poses…they hit the jackpot, for the real use of the helmet..atleast it felt so, for that moment. It provides instant biceps!!!  How cool!  N, shouting..



So, the trio grew instant biceps at lightning speed.DSC_0114

But, P wanted to drive this to another level. She wanted an armor too…but, it turned out to provide her with an instant pregnant belly… So, here we have a little girl who grew a pregnant belly and biceps instantly using hers’ and her sisters’ helmets…WILD WILD P DSC_0122




But, then she got an  even wilder idea..Now she wanted boobs!! And what sized..HELMET sized ones! so, Neha, the dresser helped P get instant boobs, the biggest I ever seen on this universe! DSC_0136

Soon, they realized, that its not convenient…wisdom had set in, maybe just for a second but then, they went even wild…They decided to build helmet butts. So, N the dresser started on the task of building instant butts for P using the available helmets.DSC_0143


Here is the results..of that..weird makeover.DSC_0147

They also got a chance to pat her instant fat ass.DSC_0152

After this extravaganza of their creative abilities, they decided to call it a day! My crazy trio…provide so much fodder for fun at the Palle home. Life would have been so dull without all these crazy days.

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