Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spotted a Great Blue Heron!!


Yeah! I thought it was some kind of a sculptor as I passed the pond by my home.

Did somebody put a statue there?

No, Pavan said . I did see it move.

After we came back,  I went back to the pond with my camera…it was still there! trying to catch a fish or turtle. We’ve seen so many turtles that cross the road when it rains so, I’m sure there are many turtles in this pond..Its supposed to swallow its prey as a whole, no wonder turtles are on its edible list of food items.

Look at this gorgeous creature standing almost like a statue..

Wouldn’t you agree with me does appear like a statue.Original_DSC_5691_cropped-2


Everything seemed normal at the pond near my home. The pigeons were busy with picking their food. Couple of them were have a good view of the pond perched up on the fence of the pond. They were enjoying the sunny day DSC_7090


Another joined them.DSC_7096


A couple of them flying over the pond.DSC_7075


Looks like it spotted something.DSC_7113


It started to move towards it.DSC_7098




And pounced on whatever it spotted.DSC_7108


When it came back up..I couldn’t find anything in it mouth.DSC_7109


Back to watching DSC_7104


I just wish I had gone closer…and gotten some close up shots. So. I found the bird again in a few days…This was as close it let me. It didn’t mind the Geese around…DSC_0618


But, Geese thought I’m after them..DSC_0585


With cooler days..Its the time of cosmos too…DSC_0644

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