Saturday, October 23, 2010

Inner Calm!

I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me today, and we all could probably use more calm in our lives.
Some doctor on television this morning said that the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.
So I looked around my house to see things I'd started and hadn't
finished and, before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, a pockage of Prunglies, tha mainder of bot Prozic and Valum scriptins, the res of the chesescke an a box a choclets.
Yu haf no idr how guod I feel rite now.
Plaese sned dhis orn to dem yu fee ar in ned ov iennr paece.

I got this email from a good family friend of ours that gave Pavan and Me a good laugh so, I felt like sharing this with all of you.  Many of you must have already come across this email from some friend.

This just reminded me of the time, that one time that I tried this great juice, that one time I had taken the liberty to get wasted, that one time that Pavan had the fortune of looking at me in that condition, and experience soulful truth from me. It reminded me of that time, that I had gotten the chance to speak from my heart without any inhibition,  when I didn’t expect Pavan to care for my diatribe.

It was a few months we were married and during one of the long weekend, we decided to drive back to Ohio where both of us had gone to school, to meet with our friends there and to re visit those long drives that we had made during the years of our courtship. So, we got packed and started to drive and reached our school town. Our friends had been very happy to see us. Then, the evening came with its usual poise. The gang decided that they had a few bottles waiting in the cabinets that can be used.

Pavan doesn’t consume alcohol. He is a teetotaler. Whatever his reason to stay away from the “Soma”, the famous line he uses to refuse this to his friends is, that, he doesn’t need a drink to feel the high, or break his inhibitions. He could be as unrestrained in his behavior without it. Good for him. Then came my turn and I didn’t see why I should not give this a try and see why is that, that one feels so thrilled going this route to feel good. I had my husband beside me and I trusted him, I had passed the tests of adolescent days and they were behind me. So, the timing was perfect!

I started with a teeny tiny peg of some drink. I don’t even know what to call a that tiny glass like thing. I am assuming that its called a peg. I don’t know or remember what those cocktails were that I took. I do remember hearing a couple of names like vodka, Irish Cream that were reverberating from the voices there. We had been a very close circle of friends and I was sure that nobody would pull anything naughty on me.  With Pavan beside me I started with my peg. And in some time I started to feel that heavy feeling in my head. Then in a little while more and another drink or two later, I started to laugh more and talk more.  Expressing love to Pavan in public had always been a taboo for me but, I didn’t mind hugging him tightly or act a little bit loose in front of everybody.

It was a show for everybody to watch. I started spilling the beans of our relationship to everybody. I started throwing the Shakespearian line “Yet Brutus is a Gentleman” from Julius Caesar.  I started to let those secrets out of my marriage (there wasn’t much content, considering we were newly weds)

“He is such a loving person, yet he doesn’t love me like ...…”

“he is such a gem of a person, yet, you didn’t respect me enough…when you…, ”

“He is such a huggable thing, yet, he makes me angry by….” and I could continue.

Pavan enjoyed this show thoroughly. I am usually a very shy person and much quieter in gatherings and my friends had been surprised to see this side of me. I had talked so much that night and I remember the head ache I had woken up to the next morning.  We had to leave the next morning to drive back home to be at work. We had left their home that morning while everybody else were still sleeping. To this day, he remembers that night so fondly. There was a picture of me from that night in that inebriated state looking without a care at the camera. I was thinking that I could ask a poll to find out how many of you would like to look at that picture.  Maybe if there are enough of you wanting to look at that pic, I will post it ;-)


Venky (வெங்கி) said...

I like it. Go ahead post it.

bhagyareema said...

Had a good laugh, GP, do post that pic

Rachna said...

Funny incident :). It will be fun seeing the pic.

GP said...

Like a true punjabi kudi, you did have more than one(on your first time) and didn't throw up too, I am guessing :) You make me proud!
Post the picture. But title it "How many would like to see this avatar again". ;)

gayatri said...

Hi all, that was a long break. I apologize. Posted the picture.

GP@ I did have more than one and didn't throw up but, could have gotten close to it. anyways, wouldn't put myself in those shoes again! Sorry, didn't title it your way...I'm a mom to 4 girls now!! Not a good example to set.