Thursday, December 16, 2010

Was I Good or Bad?

The temperatures have taken a dip to values below freezing for the past few weeks, that, its turning out to be one of the coldest December in a looooooong time.  If one factors in the wind chill,  the temps were way below in the teens. The worst driving conditions with black ice and frozen cars in the mornings greet you.  There was also this case in Kansas where a water main broke freezing off a home. The residents just came back from a shopping trip to find their whole home frozen.
I remember the year I was pregnant with R, and she was actually due to come out on Dec 31st but, decided to come 11 days later because she had found it very cozy and warm inside with a lot of space the triplets had already created for her.  She had been making somersaults in my tummy even then. I had to almost hug her (I mean my tummy), while I sleep scared that she would move to a breech when I woke up. That year, I spent most of this wonderful month walking of miles in the Park with temperatures in lower 50’s and up.  In spite of all the walking I had done, I had just hurt my belly further but, had done nothing to nudge her to come out. It had been one of the warmest December that I had seen. She was born a whole 9.5 lbs in weight!!
DSC_0396 (The water in our fountain lies frozen)
Today, I got to the job that I prefer I not do. Got through the garbage that the girls had collected and treasured, for more than a couple of months now. Going through reams of paper,the good, bad and ugly to decide whether to keep it or dump it. Apart from the millions tiny letters they wrote to each other apologizing or complimenting each other, I came across a lot of stuff that was so cute and funny. 
One of which, I’m going to talk about today. The triplets had been telling me to avoid their study table(or so its called, although its difficult to believe when you look there that, its the center where knowledge is gathered) giving me hints that they were making some surprise for me. While I wasn’t sure of that, I did come across the letters that the girls had written to Santa!
The cutest of them all was this one…
Santa Requests_0001
She had asked about him, expressed her love and her desire to see this important man of Christmas, as she had called him, and give him a hug as fat as him! Asking him, why he doesn’t show himself on his most important day of all.  She had taken care to ask him to evaluate her and if he found her good then, she had asked for a few items. 
It was such a cute letter, lucky for her, that her Santa got her letter. P’s was so to the point.
Santa Requests_0006
I was shocked to see how big that list was. How was I supposed to remember all this and buy each of them, what they want. Did you see how she had sneaked in a “Telephone” in her list. Maybe writing “cell” or “mobile” would catch Santa’s attention, in case he decided that she was very demanding.  Not only is this list difficult to remember, but find all the stuff in one place has been equally frustrating.  One thing that has been difficult for me to find at decent prices were the coat’s they have in their lists..Almost all the three have asked for a lab coat and a detective coat..
My bird sized brain just realized that I could somehow create a detective T-shirt with the materials I have at home. An idea I got after looking at this picture.
Yet to find the lab coat.  The third list was another very challenging list. I don’t think she could have written one longer than P’s but, reading the list itself would count as a challenge.  It was the tiniest envelope that man had created with the tiniest but longest list included.  She had taken for granted that Santa was going to give her what she had asked for, but only, if he had it!!  The letter was marked..”Can you give me these things, if you have them?”
They have been such gems of kids, at least they have tried to be good. However, this definition of good seems to them to be an Augean task that, no one on this earth can meet, not even Hercules. Everyday, the expectations only got tougher.  So, how were the kids trying to dodge me at that. Explained via a kit I found, that, they had created for themselves to help meet those demanding expectation,
at least a part of it…

They have been tallying their performance at keeping their stable clean.  So, the one that does the bed gets only 1 mark while the one that does 3 tasks together get 3 marks. And when I look at the current sheet, all of them had taken the pain of doing all the jobs.Seems like they had distributed their pain in the arse job very nicely.
Then, why did I find the place looking more like a stable than a  room. I went in there, this morning well equipped with the whole day’s worth of time at hand to tackle this job of cleaning up the garbage, that was worse than that of the King of Elis’s stable that was supposed to have been left unclean for 30 years. I found even worse inside. The draws were full of dust and dirt from the sharpener while I found 1000+ pencils, black and colored without one that could be used to write or color.
Then there was this omnipresent tape, in form of bits and pieces stuck to every corner of their table and floor. Their draw was full of scotch tapes…only they were all empty..with one of them waiting to be there, soon!
How could anybody use up that much tape?  What do they do with it? I know one other blogger mom had complained of the same thing. I’d seen the kids use tape to create some kind of broach like pins and paste their art/messages to the door but, just short of 5 rolls of scotch tape!! ..Shouldn’t tape have been on their list of things to ask Santa since its so much in demand and I had decided not to buy them anymore since I was not going to spen another  day scratching out tape from the floor and tables and walls?
I had been finding ant sized letters to big letters signed “Detective P” asking her pack to meet her after midnight to decide the next course of action. I wonder if there was any night that they succeeded in waking up, after they dosed off. Still, a whole list of items from this activity, made it to Santa’s letter..
All in all, it was a fun day. Found so many fun write ups that the triplets had done last year, that reading them again, the kids burst out laughing themselves.
Happy Shopping to all moms trying to tick off stuff from list’s to Santa!

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