Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ramblings of a disturbed mind.

Recently, my blog had been mocked at for being a weather man, for talking too much about my kids. I could give some value to the weather man stuff but why poke at talking about my kids? Wasn’t this supposed to be a MOMMY BLOG!  And, this Mommy happens to reside in a cold place right now!

It also made me wonder, Did I put the content up for people’s review?  And, why would anybody spend time creating another article off of an obviously not so interesting content…was it for lack of a subject!  Don’t we just move on from blogs that gets uninteresting?

A big part of a Mommy blog is about indulging us mommies while we drone on about our kids. Not because we love the sound of our voice, but because nothing in the world seems more sensible or important enough. My blog is not a place to find smart literary pieces with pompous language (although, there are lots of mommy’s out there that write about their kids with the versatility and finesse of a published author).

I thought, I was writing a simple mommy journal, jotting down all the precious, funny moments, cute moments I have with my kids, so that these moments don’t become vague memories, just like it says on my profile. There was no hidden agenda to this blog.. Of course mommy’s, especially mommy’s of toddler kids and mommy’s of multiples repeat stuff. They have to! Its imperative for their survival. Its how they keep their children safe and themselves sane. Then after a while, something else starts to happen, they become programmed at it like a robot. Imagine, If one has to repeat

“Wake up ..girls” four times multiplied by the number of reminders it takes to really wake up the kids. If one starts to account for these calls (that sound like a rooster shouting on the roof top) from the first call of the day till we complete all calls for the whole day, from getting their kids to eat breakfast to getting them dressed to reminding them to take the right bus and return back home from school. From getting them to complete their homework and not forget to take it back to school, to having their dinner and brush before they go to sleep, all this, while dealing with a cute toddler who throws tantrums…we would come to an unimaginably obscene humongous number!

Can you imagine what this can do to you? It starts to seep into your system, into your cells, into your DNA, thus creating this new gene in your body that the next offspring you have,  will have to inherit this new trait.  This new breed of kids would love to repeat and love the sound of their own voice for doing it. Interesting case of a not so genetic MUTATION!

I feel bad, I didn’t drone as much when the triplets were toddlers. Failure to do this, had almost made me forget how they were as babies and toddlers. I almost forgot this peculiar way of talking that N would do..It had taken us a while to figure out that she was saying the words backwards. That had been a difficult learning process, filled with episodes of helplessness and frustrations.  The kid, frustrated at her mom, for her inability to understand her and the mom being helpless about this, until suddenly, this light bulb flashed with a brilliance of a star making it clear!

Oh!!..pa-ka means ka-pa  for cup,

Oh!!..Ta-ba means ba-ta for button.

These would have made good stories at the time, if I had started this journal so many years ago. Its difficult to catch the interpretation of a parents’ feeling, even if they succeeded in capturing the moment in pictures and videos. I surely missed out on journaling the most precious parts of the triplets’ toddlerhood days. The triplets would surely miss this account of their lives when they try to read through these blogs as they grow and try to look back.

I didn’t want to repeat this mistake again. So, I had set off, jotting down every little quirk and sound of my current cute talking toddler. Every little situation my kids made here after would be mulling in my head to write about.  There was no intention to produce commendable works of literature or show off my prowess on how creative I could get at writing, because, I have none. Because, this gene somehow  had escaped me or blame it on my schooling! Nor had I ever expressed my intention to be an accomplished writer some day, or aspire to join a prestigious writer’s guild.

I enjoy funny, so, I try a bit myself, at my own cost. I also visit blogs with humor on their agenda to fulfill this need of mine. I admire how neatly and simply they are able to portray everyday of their life in such a funny manner most of the times, poking fun at themselves.  My blog was clearly devoted to accounting my travails as a parent of four kids of which 3 happen to be of the same age.  Bringing up kids of the same age does have a challenge of a different sort.  I’m sure many of you are interested in knowing the dynamics between the triplets.

So, for those of you interested in reading my blog, here is a promise. I will continue to post content that relates to my family and my life with a little bit of photography, gardening, music  and art involved because these happen to be some of the things I dabble in everyday.  I am going to whine about what my kids put me through, because, this is my outlet too!  Not because I want to complain but, because it makes be feel better.  I don’t make fun of other people’s blogs if it didn’t suit my taste..Self deprecation is one tool I love to use sometimes to make the blog sound funny. To me, this just shows confidence and acceptance of one’s imperfections. Imperfections are the reason a character looks so perfect! Maybe like a mole on somebody’s face, that gets out the beauty of the face.  I cannot promise that the literature will be smart enough to satisfy the needs of an  intelligent mind. There will be no preachy messages, (Who am I to tell anybody to try out silence?!).

I feel so grateful that many of you drop in to know what’s happening in the life of this mom and appreciate the time you take to read and sometimes comment. The comments I received goes a long way to boost my spirits as I unceasingly continue to babble on about my kids. Through these comments, I know that I’m not the only one going through whatever I am, that I have a friend, that I have support. A valuable gift that is.

Personally, I follow blogs I enjoy and move on from blogs that fail to catch my interest because every person who is blogging is doing it with a particular intention. They have their personal tastes and traits coupled with their experiences and their power of expression, ease with which they can do.  I envy that quality and try to imbibe some of it. I leave comments at blogs that I feel with sincerely.

Although this blog did start off with the right momentum of a “disturbed mind”..Now I can say, it has changed to the ramblings of a mind that has made peace with everything, is ready to accept its shortcomings and still continue on with this journey.

Thanks for reading!


yaya said...

Hi! I popped over from Catch the Kids and had to laugh when I read your post. I started my blog as a journal for me with pictures included. I even have the blog put in book form at the end of the year. I write for me, not anyone who happens to stop by. I love it when people read my posts and leave comments, but I'm always reminding myself not to write for anyone but my family and myself. It just wouldn't be being true to who I am. So I think your blog is great. Keep up the good work and you will be happy to have a great journal for yourself to read when those cute kids are all grown up. Take it from me, they do grow fast!

Rachna said...

I feel the same way as yaya. Your blog is your space, write what you like. If someone does not like what you write, they can move on. Talking from my experience, the only person whose criticism I take into account is Gurdev. He is my reality check. If he feels that some post is offensive, I take it off, otherwise I pretty much say what I like.

Don't let it bother you -- it's like Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna...

bhagyareema said...

I full endorse the comments above. Its your blog, what u write here is ur wish, others if they want can read, if not can move on.
Don't bother about it, be happy that now ur 'famous' ;)
Not so long ago My blog was ridiculed to be a 'complaint box'. And i am still continuing the complaints that is :)

Divya said...

For one person who doesn't like your blog...there are 10 who like it....so keep blogging. I enjoy reading what you write and also your phtography :)

gayatri said...

Thanks for your supportive comments Yaya. I always remember this line that one of the bloggers had written in their blog "Blog like no one is watching". I blog for my reasons and I appreciate it that I get a lot of support from everybody for that.

gayatri said...

Hi Rachna, You were my very first support. You also inspired me to start putting things down in writing. So, thanks for your comments once again. It did bother me enough to put this article out.. :-)

gayatri said...

Thanks Bhagyareema, You've been a constant support too. Just like our kids feel that, they have earned the right to throw tantrums at us..We moms have earned the right to complain about it sometimes. Fine, if we happen to love the sound of our voice doing it!

gayatri said...

Hi Divya. I'm glad I got your comment and I'm glad to know you like what you read here. Thanks for your encouraging words. They add so much value to my blog.

Rachna said...

Thank you, didi. I am happy that you are writing your thoughts and things which might look mundane to some but are of significance to us mothers :). I guess for every critical voice, there are 10 which rise up in support. That is the beauty of blogging!