Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Story of my “Name”!


This is the first time I am posting for a Writers Workshop. Of all the prompts from the list, I want to choose this topic not because, I have a story to tell, of my name. There isn’t any that I have thought off, but,  my 8 year old daughter has a story to tell of “her name”! In fact, its in the form of a POEM, in her own words.

The other day, I came across this sweet poem that she had written about her name. I was so touched and amazed at this talent of hers’. Obviously, she is very happy and proud of her name. (At least there is one thing I didn’t make a mistake of…Naming Her!). She has this very shy and sweet girl personality with an attitude that couldn’t hurt a single soul in the world. She finds so much comfort in putting her thoughts in her book that she maintains, rather than expressing them with people as this is very intimidating to her.

DSC_0341  Here she is in the middle being hugged by her 2 identical siblings.

Five ways I would describe her :

1. Shy

2. Gentle

3. Cute

4. Beautiful voice.

5. Very proud and happy with her name.

Her name is “Kauvya”. In Sanskrit, this means a “Poem”.  This is the poem that she had written in her journal about herself. I’m printing it with her permission and she is going to be so happy to get some encouraging comments. (Reminds me that I need to share this hobby of hers’ with her teacher so she can be guided in the right way. We have been trying to find some niche of hers’ that she could identify with as “hers”,  to be different from her 2 other sisters, to boost her confidence.)


Poems are natural,

Poems are sweet,

I like Poems, because they are neat!

My name means Poem,

I feel like a Poem.

Even my stomach growls poems, whenever I need a treat!

I feed on Poems,

I need Poems,

When I write them, I’m told, “What a great FEAT!”

I can make a poem out of hats,

I can make a poem of cats,

I can make a poem of anything, even  sheets and streets and flat-feet!

I can write a poem fast,

I can write a poem slow,

I can also write a poem in a Heartbeat!

when I remember something, I write a poem,

when I see something, I write a poem,

My favorite activity is writing a poem, because,  it makes me feel complete!


Ramaa said...

Oh my!!!! Lovely poem, Kauvya...just like your name. I hope to see more and more lovely poems from you. Keep it up :-)

Sanjeev said...

Wow! Lovely poem.

Rachna said...

Very nice one, Kauvya. Keep writing and doing creative things. I think shy people are so fascinating. They have depths in them not yet explored, but a potential so immense, it is waiting to be exploited. Personally, there is something I've always found very lovely about you,Kauvya, in the way you interact and in the delicate way you smile and show your happiness. I was much more shy than you are at your age, always hiding behind my elder sister's skirt :). Someday, we will swap stories. God bless you!

The madrasi said...


bhagyareema said...

Awww, so cute
Fantastic Kauvya, Keep it up

Catch the Kids said...

What a clever, sweet poem and such a cute trio of girls. Very clever, Kauvya.

gayatri said...

@Ramaa, Thanks, She's already on to it.

@Sanjeev, she's elated at these appreciations.

@Rachna, That was so touching. I don't know if she will understand the depth of all the beautiful words you wrote for her, but, can't under estimate kids from this generation too.

@The Madrasi. Welcome and thanks so much. Wow! so you were one of the kids who wrote poems too! She felt proud she could get this effect in somebody.

@Bhagyareema. Thanks so much..

@Catch the Kids. Thanks so much. I'm sure she's going to treasure all these appreciations in her journal too.