Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My budding Map reader!


This cutie sees a map in everything that has instructions written on them.  Either Dora or that imaginary alien that she talks to (who she calls  BAKA), has clearly done the magic on her. She just can’t ignore and walk away from a set of instructions that comes her way. How can she? Her tiny, soon to be 4 year old mind, is programmed to be an explorer, at least, for the next few years, while she is gaining hands on experience. If not for the snow outside, she would be trekking around outside with BAKA, like Calvin for more of such experiences.image

She seems to know the knack of reading maps better than me (Just to remind you my prowess at reading maps..you could click here) taunting me each time she manages to make the instructions seem so simple!  And, I couldn’t find the road on a map that was clearly right in front of my eyes?! I’m sure, it wasn’t the case of a bad eye sight.

She finds maps when I open the dryer to put in clothes to dry, or above the washer, when she sits on it, to watch the water flow when the wash cycle is in progress. She found a map behind the last row of seats of the van. It instructs us, how to flatten the seat. Not to mention all the items we buy  have maps on them too. The simplest of candles have maps, that instructs us that we need to light them up with a “Chook” (Her way of referring to the lighter or a match stick”). Even the wipes have maps, showing us where to use them!

DSC_0898 DSC_0901

Sometimes, she misses them so much that she could invent one if needed, at the oddest spot. She invented one such map for her potty chair.  She has created a set of instructions for me, how to remove the bowl to flush her stuff.   There’s always a simple explanation to everything that seems so complicated to Mama!

“Mama, the map says that we need to get into the van and sit on our seat. Then we have to pull this belt, this way and stick it here!”

She has made me realize how many instructions are available on anything and everything around us, that I had never cared to look at earlier…

“Look mama! look at what the map says…”, pointing to the box of retractable ball point pens…”We need to do “Kee Cook” and we can write with this”.

And look at this map that she found…This map says the story of 5 uncles and 1 aunty who are riding the horse whom she will never miss knowing, as she turns into a women!!!  Well the 6th uncle is not visible completely right!..  image


The other day, she got her “Squiggly” chair, the one that rolls and takes you from one spot to another.  Yey!  After she put up a fair and brave battle that she deserves to have a chair of her own along with her Didis(elder sisters) at their study table. When it was time to assemble the chair, who better to rely on..for instructions. Reading them, she gave instructions to her Papa how he could assemble the parts together.  It was installed without any problems.


I want to wish my budding map reader to keep at it and tell me all those simple stories of the maps she reads, that my so called, wise mind, of so many years isn’t able to think off! How else to say cheers to childhood and all the fun of it , but, with a quote from Calvin and Hobbes rather than with a glass like thingy! (in the list of most used words of my triplets dictionary).

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want”


Renu said...

your little map reader is so cute:)

gayatri said...

Hi Renu...Thanks! :-) She maybe cute but a handful..even compared to her elder sisters when they were toddlers. They were what I call them.. "Sadhu's"