Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let it snow!!



Yesterday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow. I exactly knew why that happened. Lets keep the weather patterns, how and why the snow clouds form, and other meteorological, geological, terrestrial and any other data aside for sometime.  Now,repeating what I said. I know why it has been snowing like this every other day, this season.

I came to know this, when, I attended my triplet’s winter concert at their school yesterday. Just look at this video and watch the sincerity with which these kids prayed for the snow to come..saying…”Let it snow” All this, just so they could stay home from school!

If it snows, there'll be no school tomorrow if it snows! Ther'll be no school tomorrow (3) if it snows. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

As the song was ending…all the kids folded their hands and sang with so much “Bhakti”…that any weather god(dess) had to listen to their prayers..even if the meteorologist predicted a 0% probability of snow! The only request he missed out was the “no school tomorrow” part. Instead, a “delayed start” was granted.  The kids were just as happy, even with this.

They have been praying like this every week at school..since September, which was when their practice of this winter concert commenced.  They’ve been asking the weather gods..”When will it snow?”  It was really hard for him to ignore them.  Their voices, so sweet, so warm that could melt the biggest glacier…what was the weather god after all!

When the snow comes down and melt away..will it be so cold that the snow will stay for a day or two, it would be great to know...When will it snow?!!!! Will the snow come down and cover the trees? Will it be so high to chill my knees? Oh please! gray clouds just open up and snow! I've been listening to the radio and watching TV. Hoping that a snow day will be here for me..Flush the ice cubes, did a snow dance, and put the spoon under my pillow. WHEN WILL IT SNOW?!!!


They most certainly were able to appease him/her finally, with this song  “7 feet of snow!!”( Reminds me, I wonder who the god of snow would be? In Hinduism, We have Indra for Rain and Thunder,  Vayu for the wind..Surya for the sun…but who represents the snow? Is there a name I can give to the god or goddess of snow? Let me know!) 



The principal was kind enough to let us know that they had cut a 3 hour show down to half hour. I sure would have enjoyed some more. The songs were so well created and composed. I wonder how he managed this large a crowd of kids. There were 8 classes of 3rd graders there. Richa had already learnt the songs from her DIdi’s. Her favorite was the “Storm is Passing!”. For days, I heard her sing it..while playing with her toys. She was too excited to see it in action yesterday.

I loved this Jamaican Folk song..soooo muuuch. I’ve been humming and dancing this since I heard it, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, along with the kids..with Richa, who is ever ready to correct me on how I should move my hands.

Moonshine tonight..come make me dance and sing. Me de rockso, You de rockso. Unda the banyan tree. Come take my hand, and wave it round and round..Me de rockso, You de rockso. Unda the banyan tree. Lift up your hand..and wave it side to side..Me de rockso.....tree


Lulis said...

So cute! I don't know you and I love these kids!!
(No, I'm not some freak, just a mom with a 24 and 28 year old kids and reminiscing about all of their concerts too!)

Gayatri said...

hi Lulis, No! I don't think you're any freak. :-) Welcome!

I'm sure you must miss those days. As my kids are growing up now (they are 8 now) ..I miss their toddler days already. Reason why I started blogging.