Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo Story of one Winter Morning.


It was a pleasant morning. I ran up to the kids room..I started with my early morning rooster calls to wake them up..After calling them for a bit..I turned on the lights to see if anything was moving in those beds, if those louds calls had any affect at all!..And, I was shocked to find K on one of them..but the other 2 missing. The lights in the bath were off too!..My heart skipped a beat and then, I realized that this was just a prank..I opened the door of the bath to find P and N with their brushes waiting to shout out “boo” at me.

They got dressed early and were down by 7.30am. An hour for the bus to arrive. I knew, today, I’m not going to have to bug K to finish up her breakfast sooner..I will let her go slower than a snail if that’s what she wishes..I also knew, that’s what she was going to do!

“How long will it take to finish a slice of toasted bread with a glass of milk?” I thought.

Then the triplets came downstairs and we sat at the table with each of them served cereal, a slice of toasted bread with a glass of milk. I assure you, there wasn’t any derivatives of any laughing gas or its by-products hidden in the ingredients..and then,..they started to smile radiating the sweetest feelings from their faces.

As we spoke N, who is a perfect impersonator, of all sorts, started off with the story of Bobby Jr..

One day Bobby Jr went to his Granny’s house and found her making Chaac-late covered lobster poops. 

He wanted to eat these Chaaaac-late covered lobster poops..and so he ate some. Then, he had to run Th-er-irty miles home and he Qui-ca-ly sat on the T-aaawi-let. He sat there for 3 years and when he tried to get up..he was  stuck.

So he needed to get extra extra large pants so him and the T-aaawi-let could fit thru them. He said.. “Now he doesn’t need to use the public T-aaawi-let”.

Bobby Jr..Chronicle 2

Bobby Jr and his friend Poop..went to his granny’s home and ate Chaaac-late covered lobster poops and Krab guts...Then both of them ran Th-er-irty miles and Qui-ca-ly sat on their T-aaawi-let’s. Then his other friend “Poop 2” came and asked..”Where is Poop?”.

Bobby Jr  said..”sitting on the T-aawi-let..”

Poop 2 say’s “Which T-aaawi-let? There are thousands of T-aaawi-let’s in the Warld!”

Then he spends 3 years trying to find “Poop”…..and find’s him snoring on the T-aaawi-let. He asks him..”Where were you?” and Poop says “I was tired!”.

Then Poop tries to get up and finds himself stuck too---to the T-aaawi-let! He also orders extra extra large fit him and the T-aaawi-let, but, this time he isn’t able to fit into the extra extra large pants..because the T-aaawi-let is stuck to the floor!!!!! 

As Neha continues telling us these chronicles…like this..


and like this…when she spoke of a teacher who was trying to preach about cell phones!                   .DSC_1656

and like this…. about a lady who danced along with somebody, she bumped into, in the stair case……..DSC_1663

and like this!!!DSC_1647

P and K were going like this…




and like this…


K, as sweet as she is…could only turn nuts for just that one picture only!  DSC_1613

And then it was already 8.20am!!  They had already got their boat loads of laughter..trying to create such nonsensical stories!!!

That..they suddenly remembered to be the mouse and Ganesha..!!!! ( I don’t know how all this relates to each other..but, this is how they thought! Not the affect of the food?!)

like this, just with a band on her nose..she could make herself look like a mouse…DSC_1672

N realized, that she is missing her trunk!! so, she tried this!!DSC_1673

By, the time they could get it to work!!!, the band fell off the nose and it was time to step out. They stepped this beautiful snowy day.


The school bus came on time and let them know that school wasn’t off due to the snow!..Once, they were packed off,  I turned my attention to  the other brat in the house….Richa, and recorded her antics too!


aynzan said...

Quite a houseful..It's interesting to see three look-alikes.

Gayatri said...

Hi Aynzan..Houseful! yeah it is. That's what keeps me going..that I could be a kid along with them..only, a kid with lots of responsibilities.. :-)

Did you feel all the three looked alike? 2 of them are identical while the third is a fraternal twin. She does look quite different from the other 2 but, maybe they do have some similarities.

bhagyareema said...

They seem to have a lot of fun together.
Sometimes I feel bad that my son being an oly one misses out on fun altogether

Gayatri said...

Bhagyareema..that's one thing they've (me included!) really enjoyed. each other's company. I can understand your situation as I've seen quite a few and I'm sure it gets even difficult for the mom because, the kid is relying on the mom to provide that company. Maybe fixing play dates and school will alleviate that a bit..but, yes, there's no comparison to having siblings to play with.