Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Richa is 4 already!

Yesterday, my little one turned 4. Time flies is one lesson I am taught everyday..again and again and I still never learn! At RIcha’s school today, when one of her teacher said..”I remember seeing you pregnant when the triplets were here”.  I once again realized..”Wow! time really flies.”

This tiny tot ( to my eyes she’s always going to remain that, considering that she’ll surely grow up to be taller than I am! ) was so dejected when she got up this morning.  We all shouted out..”Happy Birthday to you Richa” and she didn’t get any excited. In fact, she wanted us to stop wishing her. She asked me to stop, when I had started to sing..”Baar Baar din yeh aaye..” 

When Pavan called her from work..She just replied with an indifferent “Thainks” and walked away from the phone. These words seemed to irk her.  It had got all her elder siblings puzzled.

“Why was she being so grumpy?!” they thought.

Why wasn’t she feeling all the excitement that we were able to feel for her?! They had talked about her turning 4 olds, just last night, and she was so excited about it..She had been jumping around…singing a song about Richa turning “4 olds”.

There was no excitement on her face now,..all we could see was a very sad face:-(  I soon understood that she had expected for a cake to be waiting for her when she got up in the morning. And there was none!  This must have felt so horrible..Her family is wishing her “Happy Birthday”  without the basics that a birthday entails…A CAKE!

As soon as I promised her that we will be getting one and cutting it as soon as Papa is home, I saw the first smile pop out of her face. Soon her Didi’s left for their school. Then, she asked me if we could go and buy the cake then itself.

“We need to take a cake to my class, Mama!” she said..acting out how she was going to carry the cake into her class and have everybody look at her in excitement and shout out “Happy Birthday Richa!!!”

I had actually talked to the teacher about having a class party 2 days later due to some work I had been busy with. But, there was no escaping now. She got ready for school quik-ca-ly. Without any delays, we set off to the super market to pick up a cake for Richa.  I had asked her..what cake she had wanted..princess, balloons..chocolate…vanilla!!!

She had answered ,  “Nevela Flower Cake”, for Vanilla Flower Cake.

As soon as I had parked the vehicle at the super market..she shouted out

“Mama, lets get a Dora cake!  “

“Mama, I want a Flower Cake!”

After picking up all the party basics..we went to the bakery.DSC_2314

She considering a few cakes..and settled for the Flower cake..even if it meant it was not “Nevella”.

She proudly announced to everybody she came across that it was her Birthday. With lots of excitement, she carried  the cake to be scanned.


As we approached her school, she exclaimed

“Mama, we made it to school!!”, just like Dora would say.

Proudly, she walked into her class holding her cake in her hand. This was a very special cake. It was baked specially for her and that’s why it tasted too good, she knew that!

The cake was decorated…and lit!!

DSC_2323 DSC_2325

The Birthday song was sung with such excitement like it was each of the kids own birthday! After she helped her teacher cut and split it, she distributed it!

DSC_2369  DSC_2394

Then, She sat to eat her own……DSC_2403

And ate it like never before!  I’ve always known her to love having a cake but never finish it!  Until yesterday, she has always, broken a cake..and made a mess of it, rather than eat it..But, this cake was a special one. It was meant to be eaten!  It was the tastiest one ever baked..and she did justice eating it like that!

 DSC_2401 DSC_2404 

She just loved it!  When we came back home..she wanted more!

DSC_2425 DSC_2432

and some more when her Didi’s came home from school. In the night, she had another tiny cake to cut when her Papa came back from work, and we all sang her the Happy B’day song again! But, she was way too satiated to taste this one :-(


She finished off her day with her favorite “Polka Dot” Pizza! 


Wishing her many many many more such Happy Happy Birthday’s to come.

“I love you so much my Puchka!” that’s what I call her sometimes.. referring to her soft bottoms :-)

Many times, when we cuddle up..I tell her..

“ are so sweet! So yummy! Can I eat you?”

She always replies so complacently.

“Mama, I am Richa..I am not foods!”

Then, she will offer her cheeks to that I could take a little pretend bite of it :-)  Then she feel so proud that she was able to provide some sweetness in moma’s life.

As time flies so fast, my heart goes:

Why don’t you slow down a bit so mom can enjoy your innocence some more.

Why don’t you slow down some mom, can experience your undivided love for some more.

Why don’t you slow down a little mom, can listen to your creative words..some more.

Why don’t you slow down a tiny bit we can have some more of the afternoon tea parties in your room!

A couple of days back, when I had to go out for some work…she cried saying..

“I want Mama”

Pavan told her…

”Richa, I am here with you (a la Mein hoon naa!)..can you play with me? I love you too!”

He had tried to coax her..and she had replied so softly to him..lest she hurt him

“But Papa!! I need Mama…I don’t need you!”  :-)

That’s my darling Richa.


Nagendra said...

When Nogin uncle around... what does she say....hahahhaha????

Venky (வெங்கி) said...

Time flies esp with kids...
My belated wishes for her birthday.

Renu said...

Belated happy Bday Richa!! wish you many many more like that!!1

How and when kids grow up, mothers never know, even i miss their childhoos now.

bhagyareema said...

Belated Birthday wishes Richa, they grow up so fast na.Mine will be 4 in two months and already having a mind of his own except when it comes to eating;)

Gayatri said...

Nogin Uncle!! Nowadays..she's gettin aware of how to talk to, i'm sure she'll try to put it in the best manner, she can, that mama's the one she loves!

Gayatri said...

@Venky! Thanks..

@Renu, Thanks. oohh! these days are their best..then, they start behaving like adults..even if they are not! especially girls.

@Bhagyareema, Thanks. That's what i tell my triples..Slow down..there's no hurry. Adulthood is nothing like it seems to you now. Its only responsibilities. But, grass is always greener on the other side, right :-(

You know we both can share our kids milestones..together :-) and I'm sure we wont be bored with each other.

Catch the Kids said...

Oh she sounds so sweet. I love those little girl hugs too. They are the most delicious!

Gayatri said...

Yumm hugs!! Soon they will grow out of all these. They will not need the comfort of Mama as much as they need it right now. As much of an effort raising kids this age needs..the perks are great!