Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fruits of exposing my kids to art already showing..

After we had been singing Raga Bhupali together…N asked me if I was a fan of Swagata Aunt y (their Music and Kathak teacher). I said “yes, she sings so beautifully . so, I guess, I am a fan of her’s”.
She replied “I’m also going to be a fan of my kid’s music teacher when I send my kid to learn music”.
I reminded her, “why will you have to send your kid to learn music from another teacher, you will be teaching them yourself”.
“Remember, that I send you to a teacher because I didn’t get to learn classical music. Since you are learning music, you will know a lot of it by the time your kid needs to learn music. “
She smiled and said…”right mama, you are teaching us to swim because you know how to swim”.
I smiled “right”.

In that tiny head of hers, she has already made up her mind that her kids are going to be learning music. She loves it so much. Even though all the three of the girls love music, N’s passion for it wins by a notch. It’s a pleasure to hear all the three of them sing. All of them sing so beautifully, and each of their voice has a different characteristic. K’s is very soft and sweet like a bird’s. P's is thicker and a bit raspy which sounds very nice when she takes higher notes. N’s is a blend of all of this. Her voice stand’s out among the three when they sing together. All of them love to practice the Raga’s and don’t have to do long practice sessions because they catch the notes fast and thanks to modern gizmo’s where you can have their class sessions on i pods and hear it on the move. The only thing they have to practice at home is playing it on the keyboard.

The music teacher feels they should not be listening to movie song’s to keep their interest in classical music alive. On the contrary, I find the kids listening to movie songs and show genuine interest in classical music too. Maybe, it is because the Raga has been systematically taught to them and they can sing the whole thing, but, movie songs are self taught and their Hindi is not so perfect yet. So, they are not able to mouth them as effortlessly as the Raga’s and Bhajans they are learning.

The summer break is going to provide them with time to spend on the English songs as well. To catch up with songs of Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift’s ‘U belong to me’. I was surprised to know that they know the words of most of the popular songs. The girl who took me most by surprise is K who seems to know most of the words of these songs and their tunes. During the school year, they haven’t been hearing these songs since they didn’t have time for it.

This is one thing that I am proud of myself to be passing it on to my kids. And I know this is going to continue through generations as it has done until now.

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