Friday, June 25, 2010

The stage of a donkey's life

Today, in the morning for a good reason my husband remembered a story that his mom used to tell him and he to me. It was not the first time I had heard it but, always love to hear that again and again like a kid. Its a story with so much depth and it can sound so funny, the way my husband narrate's it. After you have finished laughing, the mind is still pondering on it.

Here's the story:
It seems that initially god gave 40 years of lifespan to each of the man, the dog, the donkey , and the monkey. The dog, donkey and monkey felt that 40 years of life was too much for them. What were they going to do with it? While man said..40 years is too short for me for a life, I need more. So, god took 20 years of life each from the donkey, the dog and the monkey and gave it to the man. It is said that one lives a life of a human being up until they are 40 years. You are doing everything for yourself. You take care of yourself, you look good. No responsibilities.

At 40 years man enters the donkey's stage of life. Until he is 60 years, he is said to be in this stage. He slogs like a donkey during this period, working hard for his kids..educating them, raising them, getting them a decent education so, they will be able to support themselves later, is worried about getting his kids married and settled. No where during this period he had time to care for himself. This is supposed to be the peak time of a man's life when it comes to responsibilities.

At 60 years, he enters the stage of a dog's life where he is almost retired and home most of the time. Like a loyal dog, he is guarding the house for his children, taking care of his grandchildren. He is in this stage until he is 80.

At 80 years, he enters the stage of a monkey's life. Have you seen a monkey sitting vacant, turning their heads this way and that, starring around, scratching his head, moving their empty jaws and have nothing to do. Well, that's the stage the man is in until he passes away.

Last night as he was talking to his parents like every other night..He was telling his mom.."Mom, I will officially be entering the stage of the donkey in another 2 months." He said this profound statement in such levity.


Ramaa said...

Ha ha true..Although I think the donkey stage comes a bit sooner nowadays than 40 ;-)

Venky (வெங்கி) said...

No wonder my wife hates me like she hates any dogs.
I like the monkey's too. Very nice.

gayatri said...

yeah monkey' should hear that from my MiL as she has no teeth left. The lightness with which she acknowledges their stage of life. To accept one's stage of life makes it easy to deal with.

gayatri said...

Ramaa, you may be right but, you are very young now...maybe when you are close to forty...and your kids may feel different.

Rachna said...

The way we are going these days, it seems we slog like a donkey all through our lives, starting from our education, career, kids and so on.

The larger message of the story is very good.

gayatri said...

Thanks Rachna,I guess looking back at life after you have gone through a different perspective maybe. I sure this story has come from some purana or something old that the elders had written long time ago..and fit the lives. As you approach 40 (just a ball park mark) even looks/body/diet bhi hamara saath nahi dete hai nah !!! maybe that's also in it..The situational combinations can be so many, and diverse..

Sanjeev said...

Monkey's life in todays age and life style is a bonus :)