Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss my teacher

It was early dismissal for the elementary school kids since it was the last day of the school year. I went to the bus stop to greet the bus driver who's name I or my kids don't know till date. I wanted to give her a gift with a little thank you note for taking such good care of the kids. She is a very nice lady and for the last 2 years that I had known her, had been so caring of all the kids. She won my heart when she changed the location of the bus stop just to make sure the kids would not have to cross the road. My kids too have such good things to tell about her.

As I stood waiting for the bus, there was another girl who was waiting there for the same bus maybe. From her looks, maybe she was from middle school. She was going through some sort of school memory book. As she felt me gaze towards her, she moved away continuing to read her book. Her legs were covered with writings from markers. Autographs!! Couple of them read "I love you". The bus stopped and I saw my kids get off the bus, I handed the driver my thank you note and turned to my kids to find P bawling away. In the seconds that it took me to ask her what the matter was, many thoughts crossed my mind. She then replied saying.."I'm feeling sad that I won't be able to see Ms. Gardner". It was so relieving to hear that. I told her that she will be able to see her when she goes back to school in sept.
'Yeah, but she will not be my teacher, I want to be able to see her tomorrow.'

N joined in to convince P saying, 'Look P, even I'm going to miss my teacher but, I'm not crying.'

After a long time of consoling and convincing her that the situation is not so bad, she calmed down but still looked sad. Then the afternoon continued with her telling us, that if we do this or take her here or there...She will not feel as sad :-)

Yes, she started to use the situation to get her way but, the feeling with which she got off the bus, she just came to a realization that Ms.Gardner is never going to be her teacher again and that just broke her heart as she loved her teacher so much. At that moment, even I realized that the kids are growing up and their attachments stronger, I'm scared to face the situations as they will be growing up coz, it'll be classmates and bestfriends and then boyfriends..I see a difficult road ahead of me.

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