Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As I was putting the clothes in the dryer this morning, Richa was being less than helpful with me. There is a deal between us when she catches me doing laundry, that shewill  hand me the clothes from the washer and I put them in the dryer or air dry it as I find it fit.  This I found is much easier to get my work done than asking her to let mama do it. As usual she insisted on taking the clothes from the washer and putting them into the dryer. But, this morning she wasn’t letting me open the door of the dryer and pulling out more clothes than she could handle from the washer. I became mad with her and told her, “That’s to bad Richa, you are messing up the clean clothes”.

By habit, she told me..”I’m sorry mama”  She is so easy about apologizing which I love about her.  When I get mad with her, she apologizes immediately and insists that she hug me as tight as possible expecting me to reciprocate. Actually for her size and age, the hug that she gives me is so tight..that she puts all her strength that her tiny body can collect into the hug..I love those hugs. However mad I am with her,  the hug does the trick.

I was still being mad at her since she didn’t show any change in her behavior.

Told her..”what does your sorry mean? you are doing all this purposefully”

“Perfectly?” Richa repeated after me..asking me what it meant.

I said “No! purposefully.”

she tried to repeat the words after me..”purfoly”

As I continued doing what I was ,….she started singing a tune with the words ..”awfully, purfoly, ofully posfully perfully…”