Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am a doctor

As I took Richa to have her breakfast this morning she didn’t seem to be interested.

“Mama, I don’t want to have cereal or bread, I want to have chocolate.”

“No Richa, you cannot have chocolate.” I said, trying not to given in to her demands.

“Mama, we have them ober there…” Pointing up to the cabinet and making a square sign with her hands trying to make me understand what she means.

I told her..”Yes Richa, I know we have chocolate over there..but, I cannot give you the chocolate now. You will have to have your breakfast. Would you like to have a bagel?”

“No , I don’t want to have bagel. You can do it, Mama…Come on! Come on!...You just have to jump up like this and get it. “ She jumped and showed me how to do it.

I once again told her that I will not be giving her the chocolate.

“ Lets have a tiny bagel with duddu”. I said.

She agreed and I toasted and put a bagel and a glass of milk for her.

As Richa sat down at the table to have her glass of milk. She heard a buzzing sound. She turned around to find a fly hovering very close to her..She screamed. I shooed the fly and brought a towel, found the fly at the door and hit it with the towel.

The fly fell down. She found that the fly was not moving. She turned to me and asked.

“Why did you beat the fly, mama? Why did you make the fly red? Look , it’s not moving”

“Because, you didn’t want the fly to be in the house.” I replied.

She turns to the fly, “Are you ok fly..? Are you ok..?” she said. Still scared as she approached the fly, hoping it will not fly to her. I opened the patio door and threw the fly outside..The fly just turned around and flew away. It made her happy to find the fly was ok after all.

Realizing that she is not going to finish her breakfast,I wanted to go upstairs for a Tylenol since I was having some bad stomach cramps and couldn’t afford to be sick today as I had arranged for a play date and sleepover for my kids with their friends.

As we were walking upstairs..Richa bumped slightly against the wall. I turned to look at her. She had a white scratch..on her legs.

“ Are you OK Richa?”

She turned to me and said..”Look mama, I am bleeding!!! I am bleeding white.”

“Can you wipe my bleeding white, mama?”

“Ok Richa”

Reaching for the Tylenol , I had my dose and she was as curious about it as possible. I walked out of the bathroom needed to lay on the bed unable to bear the cramps. Richa came over to me and asked..

“Are you sick mama? Are you sick?’ I replied “yeah”

Kauvya just entered the room.

“Look, my mama is sick” she informed Kauvya.

“That’s not your mama”

After a little bit of thought

“ok, its’ your mama too is sick”

“Are you sick mama? Say you are sick? “ Richa insisted.

“Yeah..Richa , my tummy hurts.” I replied.

She looked at me for some time and then told me..I will bring some bubbles and cream for you.

What was that..I have heard of cookies and cream but what was this? What was she up too, I wondered? After a few curious moments she returned with a bottle of Bandage foaming wash.

She moved my shirt up and squirted some foam onto my tummy and rubbed it.

"PERFECT!!!" she said.

I couldn’t help and burst out laughing….

“Don’t fun, mama. It is not funny, Be qui-ete”, she said to me very seriously.

Then she told me the obvious....”I am a doctor”.

How could I not laugh at this? She looked at my arm and exclaimed looking at the green veins..”Look mama, you got a se-men (for seven :-) ) hurt”

“Mama, this is not going to is just soap, ok” She squirted some more foam on my arm and told me.

“I told you..its’ not going to hurt”

After that, she continued to find stripe hurt and square hurt on my arms. I was booked as her patient until she got distracted into something else. By the time I was allowed to move away from there my tummy ache had vanished.

What a great doctor?


Venky (வெங்கி) said...

Cute, as long as the doctor doesn't poke.

gayatri said...

Thank god for that...all though i wonder what she would bring to poke if that was the case..

GP said...

Richa is cute.
Gautam also knows one number to signify many and that is teen. When I giving him chocos or something he says "teen do". The other plural he knows is kaafi. When I ask him to get water he asks "kaafi doon?".

gayatri said...

Raju, I think you misunderstood the seven hurt. She saw the veins in the shape of the number 7 and said se - men hurt. THat's very innovative. He has different ways of expressing 'many' for solids and liquids uh! :-)