Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best clicks of this week(Part 1)

In an earlier blog, I mentioned about the ‘Kanakambaram’ flower. This is popularly found in orange color.  Now see this in a light cream color (I know it doesn’t show cream, but well,  it is)!! Haven’t see this ever until now. It is flowering in my mom’s yard…Wow!, I would have loved to have a plant for myself..She has only one plant!  DSC_4719
A tidbit I found today:
In the quest of finding naturally found phosphorous rich stuff so, I can apply it to my mom’s yard to help the plants flower more, I found that, coca cola is used for this purpose too…! Bone meal, rock phosphate, powdered coral are most commonly used.
My Friend the Butterfly visited me again!!
Do you know how to distinguish between a male and female butterfly?  From the little I read, seems like a male to me (not sure).  He was too obliging. Flew around and stopped at different locations, so I can take another shot of him. Enjoy, (s)he told me!
Don’t forget to notice this guy is camouflaging himself.  If you look at him against this copper background(which is the bark of a tree), his wings appear copper and the green is merging with the green around.

Now look at him against another background, that has black and green…it appears black and green.

In fact, the green on its feather look like the green showing from behind it…through holes…like, through a cutwork fabric. Beautiful!! Amazing natureDSC_4768
A tidbit: Richa (my 3 year old) is the one that got me to shoot these butterflies. Since I photographed the last butterfly, she has been following every insect around and makes sure they are photographed. Her ant friends are still on my list and so are the birds who are making their nest in the yard. Birds are the most difficult to photograph…especially the tiny ones…They are so flit and fast..
Favorite Gulmohar (Delonix Regia) again!!

The Plumeria alba (Temple tree, Pagoda tree)…One of my favorite tropical plant. The leaves are so geometrical and green. 
Richa is smitten by this fish. She stayed around it..all the time.
DSC_4551                DSC_4396
To be Continued……


Arti said...

I loved the shots... Very beautifully captured!
And those butterflies...
Its so amazing how nature gives them a wonderful tool for protection- camouflage..
Great work:)

gayatri said...

Thanks Arti.. :-)

Sanjeev said...

Great! Finally u captured the butterfly. Great pics. You are getting better by the day.

ARUNA said...

very nice clicks!!

gayatri said...

Hi Sanjeev and Aruna, Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments..very encouraging.