Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo blog of the 2 wheelers.


This is one distinct difference I see from the times I drove on the 2 wheelers to today…People have started to multitask…They can dial somebody, talk to people, SMS while driving…Look at this man, looking at a message, or dialing somebody, while the passenger is enjoying the view of Tankbund. Nobody know, where the vehicle is headed to.



Look at a modern burkha clad women!! Independent and brave. Her costume conveniently saves her from dust getting onto her hair and skin.



The picture of the modern Indian women to me…as I see them ride the scooty’s around. They look independent, confident, stylish and strong! DSC_4116



As I mentioned in the earlier blog,  convenient mode of travel for 4-5 people.  Ideally, 2 adults and 3 kids.



One gets to move while resting too. Convenient to have naps. All the best lady…Hope you reach safe and sound.


and rest while at work too. A traffic inspector relaxing on his scooty.



Anything amusing about this picture?  Just you wait Mr,Higgins, Just you wait!



Yeh…wireless ki duniya hai Mamu!!!!!  Ya Games Ki?!!!!!!!!  I showed the previous pic to PNK and asked them to tell me what they saw…and they never guessed what the girl was doing.



On a TVS moped??!!!  Didn’t realize they increased the weight limit to ride a TVS moped!   So, you see what I mentioned in the previous blog about 2 wheelers in modern India..Still right there…but, much stronger!!



Sometimes, we make acquaintances during a drive…



A couple cute ones…

DSC_4105 DSC_4109


This is the scary part!  Maybe her grip is the strongest in the world…but, in her shoes, I would be scared to do this..Actually,I wouldn’t do this..Maybe she is the best mom in the world..but, I still wouldn’t do that. At best, I would be a little bit comfortable with my legs on either side of the bike…but, no baby holding!!!!

I’ve found little kids, placed in front of the driver, napping! kids placed between parents, napping! Moms, holding their babies precariously!!!  If you need to drive like this, why not a scooter, there is no leg rest enough for 2 feet on a bike on each side, its higher from the ground..Its weight is higher from the ground…Every time, I see mom’s holding their babies like this, my heart skips a beat.


Look at the baby, its sleeping. The mom is holding a towel also, with the same hand she is holding the baby.  With her other hand she needs to hold the bike.

My Opinion:  The traffic police should crack down on such bikers too. There should be a law on holding babies on bikes. First the feet should be on either side of the bike. Mom’s should not be allowed to sit with both their feet on one side.  That way the baby is placed between the dad and mom, rather than hanging out like this….


Rachna said...

How come not a single one of them has a helmet on? Even in Bangalore, the helmet rule is strictly enforced.

gayatri said...

Apparently, its not enforced in Hyderabad. Maybe the rule that's enforced, is the scarf and mask rule, cover yourself with scarves to protect from dust. Especially, for ladies. I've seen a few men wear helmets, but ladies, no way. Their appearance is more important than their safety.

Venky (வெங்கி) said...

Bikes are fun, but at the same time it can be fatal if driven without any regulations or safety precautions. I miss my suzuki days in Bangalore.