Thursday, August 12, 2010

Look what I found today!


We were at Lahari Park, one of the beautiful places to be in around Hyderabad and It was a treat to our eyes, when we found so many water lilies around. Later in the evening when I loaded the pictures into the computer with such excitement, I was so disappointed to find most of the water lilies overexposed.

Looks like the leaves and the water together , reflect a lot of light when its sunny. A good combination for this to happen. I still managed a few good ones although one could still see that unusual glow in the flowers, which actually makes it appear like light in the dark…, in the last 2 lily pictures.




DSC_4460 DSC_4473


Then….I spotted 2 unusual creatures too…

A kingfisher bird!!! I hadn’t seen one untill today!  At least I don’t remember seeing one.





Guess where it was?  On the railing bar on the opposite side of this pond..Can you find it..?  Can’t right…! Its there for sure.  Considering the distance…I’m happy with the shots.



Guess who helped me spot it?

Later in the day, when I showed her the picture on the computer, She insisted , that it was a penguin…saying..

“Mama…look at that white on the chest…say…its penguin”



What else did we spot?,,,,We heard some bird calls..I instantly knew we have some exotic company around.

and we followed the sounds., mom, Richa and myself…



Guess who was hiding in the woods playing hide and seek with us…




Of course, It was running away…and this is all I could get on my camera…I realized today, that I need a better lens (and/or) camera!…It takes for ever to focus on the right spot. Now I know what those advertisements…saying 24 points of focus or 54 points of focus mean…Also, the one that mentions..x number of clicks per second….

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