Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hyderabad as I saw it!

In an earlier blog on Charminar, I had recounted a story of how we were robbed on these streets by the burkha clad women, of valuables, some of which were priceless.  I had eventually overcome my fear of this place and had gone in search of a tailor who would be able to stitch Kathak costumes for my triplets. So, one fine day, it was time for me to go to this intimidating place once again. Of course, to check out the costumes the tailor must have made ready by now.

This time, I got brave and decided to take my camera along and nothing else on me. No money, No purse..just my camera which I was going to hold so tight that the strongest mugger wouldn’t be able to flick from my hands even at ……. point.  And why not click pictures on the way of people, some weirdoes, some sites (Beautiful or not..!) too.. Here I present pictures from the streets of Hyderabad which I wasn’t able to illustrate in an earlier blog.

The law abiding Indian, off to work on his bike with a helmet. Maybe the only helmet shot I took.DSC_3848


Huge uncomfortable movie hoardings for display on the streets.  Common site around Hyderabad. Are the administrators so in-sensitive? DSC_3842


I am a big fan of terracotta displays... I have quite some collection in my home. There are some very beautiful pieces here in this roadside stall. Bird baths, and rural musician sculptures, horses and elephants and bullock carts, Ganesha’s,  wind chimes and lanterns. Too good and a treat for people like me who enjoy decorating my home with such stuff.  Especially, love the new Terracotta wind chimes…

Notice the nursery behind this terracotta display. Beautiful tropical plants. DSC_3843


Multitasking!!  in the backdrop of these little terracotta wind chimes. Why Mr.Hyderabadi? Don’t you care for yourself and your family? DSC_3844


A gypsy family’s home on the road side. Making and selling bow and arrows.DSC_3849


The young corporate crowd on the crossroads of Paradise (Secunderabad). There was no pun intended. This place is really called Paradise. The Name comes from the big hotel called Paradise. It is so famous for its Chicken Biryani, called Paradise Biryani. I haven’t gotten to eat it, since I am a vegetarian.DSC_3861


A traffic police man, single handedly managing this unruly traffic.  Kudos to him! They have to stand at the spot for long hours in rain (haven’t seen them having raincoats) , and hot sun with temperatures of 100F and more. Their only weapon , their whistle, which feels faint in the deafening honks of the million vehicles around.DSC_3870


The view of the on coming traffic from inside the vehicle on tankbund road. This is one of the picturesque locations of Hyderabad, with the Hussain sagar lake to the right (when I’m going towards Nampally). DSC_3879


The statue of the Buddha on the Hussein Sagar Lake and that foggy atmosphere. This statue has been carved of a single rock. To make a long story of its installation, short. The statue had slipped and fallen into the lake. A few people died coming under it. It was removed from the lake and installed. The then chief Minister Mr NTR, a Tughlaq and a megalomaniac, in his own right, had taken up the task of beautifying this place. Thanks to his efforts the place looks nice. He got statues of the main pundits and gurus of Telugu literature and state installed on the other side of this lake. I’ve heard people say that these statues resemble him.DSC_3980


The Hyderabad boating club here too.DSC_3983


Pictures of Saina Nehwal, the Hyderabadi girl , who is currently ranked No 2, in Badminton, being flaunted at many places of Hyderabad with captions like the “Winning Stretch” and so on.  I love this, as it can inspire a lot of the young crowd around the city to achieve more. India needs such inspiring hoardings to motivate the younger generation most of who get depressed and de-motivated from the competition that is now-a-days.


Another hoarding I miss seeing is of the Indian Idol “Sreeram”. He is from Bowenpally, about a kilometer from my home here.

One evening I was at my tailors place. He has 2 daughters, elder one around 13 years of age and another younger. The elder one received a phone call from her friend. I heard her say “Come on xxxxxx, you are too much yaar, I wont come”.

Then she asked her dad, “Sreeram is passing by , can I go and see?”

Her dad said, ask your mom. She went inside and then came out and screaming…”mama , said I could go…I could go..I could go”. The sisters got dressed immediately and left.


Then we also have hoardings of beautiful women draped in gold…Jewelry advertisements.DSC_3972 


Look at the traffic around us. Helmets?!!! maybe a couple of them are wearing it.DSC_3882


The office crowd, standing outside their workplace, either to have a smoke or buy a bag?!. The temporary stand of bags on the roadside is very convenient for the guy who kept it and for the people working there, I guess, until the police comes one fine day and ask him to clear out the space.DSC_3893


Common site to see women driving around, totally wrapped in scarves and dupattas and gloves to protect their hair and face and hands from the dust. Shows the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. But, what about the helmet?DSC_3898

Men too!DSC_3889

And Pedestrians too!!DSC_3899


A roadside stall to get ones shirts and pants.DSC_3896 


Burkha clad ladies starting to appear…we are getting close to Charminar! DSC_3929

Works out well for them, protection from the dust.DSC_3922

From all these picture, one can see how much the people of Hyderabad are battling dust in the atmosphere. Such scene was unusually higher this time and will only get worse


A few pictures of the historic structure..DSC_3935 DSC_3955  DSC_3949


And A few pictures of the historic Laad Bazaar.




Haddock said...

A good guided tour with some lovely pictures.
As for the policeman, I remember in the olden days, the Bombay police had those big umbrellas which had a straight handle that could be tucked in a loop on their waist.

gayatri said...

Is that so, that the policemen had such an umbrella? I haven't seen such in Hyderabad during earlier years too. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. :-)