Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of Vacation!!!


As our vacation is coming to an end…The kids are looking forward to getting back to their school. I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine. To check on my plants and trees back home. To thank my neighbors who have been keeping an eye on them. I hope that I’ll be left with some more bloom time before the winter puts its cold feet into my yard. We are all looking forward to getting back to our busy schedules again.

These past 2 months had at times been boring, with lots of adjustments to make , but mostly, had been relaxing, enriching and lots of fun for us. The kids are happy that they made this trip to India. DSC_5336-1


My mom too, enjoyed becoming a bigger family for two months.  She loves her lone and quite time. So, considering that, it had not been easy with 4 young kids screaming around, and making fleeting and unreasonable  demands for food and taste buds that were so difficult to please. We got to do a lot of travelling in and around the city, shopping, visiting cousins and grandparents.

The kids made new friends at their dance class who were all such great kids. We are  going to miss them and the teacher. He is one talented and devoted guy. We are also going to miss the 4 year old little girl who made sure she was well appreciated for her efforts at dancing in the class. You can spot that tiny tot in front of the class below.


Richa was telling me that she doesn’t want to go back to the “red house” (that’s what she calls her home), which I’m sure she will forget, when its time to leave.

The letters from the kids teachers has arrived. The triplets are excited to meet their new teachers. They are also anxious to know who their classmates are going to be this year.  Since, all the three are in the same grade, they have a special situation where they get to know and be friends with kids from three classes of the same grade.  Since Poojha and Neha are identical twins, many times, the kids of their class take a while in recognizing between them and call them with the other’s name. In this process, becoming friends.

As we are spending the last few days of our vacation with our family here in India, I feel that my kids have been very lucky to be loved and pampered and showered with blessings from their grandparents and other elders of our family. They have been able to meet many more cousins, first second and even further off from the family tree. This year they have realized that their family is much bigger than they ever had imagined and they are thrilled.

A little incident I remembered from our vacation. The other day we went to the restaurant along with the grandparents of the kids.  As all of us were eating, the triplets were busy walking around their grandma’s chair and trying to peek around her like they are trying to find something..After a while they came to their papa and asked him in his ears..”Where did Aaji hide her teeth?”  (My MIL, a strong old woman, wears false teeth which she removes, when its time for her to eat food. The kids find this very puzzling and constantly bug her asking her why she does that).


Rachna said...

Vacations are always bitter sweet. One loves the change yet longs to get back to the known routines. It was wonderful to spend some time with all of you. I am sure Sid and Gautam will cherish the memories of PNKR! Have a fun last week in India.

gayatri said...

So rightly said Rachna. Thanks.

srividhya Ravikumar said...

wonderful narration...1st time to your wonderful space.. enjoyed reading.. Thanks for sharing..following you..

gayatri said...

Hi Srividhya, Welcome and thanks for those wonderful comments. I just visited ur blog and WOW!! the photo collage of the foods u prepared...amazing!! So, rightly said that the Kitchen is the heart of the home.

GP said...

Have a safe and fun trip back!