Thursday, August 26, 2010

From R’s mouth

Mama:  “PNK, can you tell me what the time is?”
R: Its five minutes mama.
R: I want to have Maggie.
Naani: I will give you Maggie if you finish your milk.
R: Mama, look Naani(grandma)  is saying that she is not going to give me Maggie.
Earlier, when R was very scared of the ants around. We told her that the ants were Naani’s friend and they don’t harm anybody. After a while she got comfortable with them around her.           
One day, Trying to pull a magic trick on me, she pulled out a cookie from under the pillow of the sofa.
Mama:  “R if you put cookies under the pillows , the ants will come on the sofa to eat the cookies”, trying to dissuade her from doing such things.
R: “Mama, Naani’s ant friend is very good and will not eat the cook ie”.
R is hiding and I have to act like I have to spot her.  As I walk around pretending to find her, she bursts out into high pitched giggles continuing to hide. This game is so exciting for this tiny tot, that I can also hear her breaking wind while she is laughing.
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Yesterday, R was insisting on carrying a grocery bag. I told her that the bag is heavy and I am meant to carry it.  She said.
“ Papa can carry it too, He is big ..”, extending her arms high up into the air to show how big…
“He is strong” she continued.
“Mama is tiny”..
“Mama is tiny big, Like this”, showing her thumb
“Mama is strong and tiny big. She can carry it too”.


Rachna said...

Cute tales of Richa!

Ramaa said...

Ha ha cute..that pretend to find game s also very popular with my daughter....She always rolls on laughing and giggling.....