Friday, August 20, 2010

Clicks of the week (Part 2)


There is a bird couple just outside our door and its making a nest in the mango tree. Its so amazing to watch them. The male waits nearby while the female is weaving the nest and as soon as she flies out, he joins her. In a couple of minutes, they are back together with another twig and he continues to watch on her while she weaves her nest. It reminded me of my father-in-law and mother-in-law…Even now, we family tease them calling them “love birds”. They are so devoted to each other.

This couple has made our yard so noisy  (I meant the birds ),  as they get nervous of any creature who comes close to the nest. They have become our morning alarm!!  The other day, there was a bird of a bigger size..I would have loved to take some pictures of that bird, but, I I had to shoo it away, because this couple (actually, just the male) got so anxious and were tweeting so loud. These birds are tiny but, their sound is piercing. Even as I mentioned this story to my kids, Kavya told me…

“yeah, I got up when the sound came..It was so loud”

Here is the couple..I’m no bird watcher and this is the best shot they have given me till now..Bad idea to take it from below against the sky…DSC_4810


Here are some of the birds that are troubling them…(actually, I need to put a picture of myself also…since I’m troubling them enough too). You can see how it was eyeing their nest..

As it flew let out a it told me..”I’ll be back”..though it sounded like a cuckoo. Haven’t see one in this color though.DSC_4732


and these tiny ones too..what’s with the birds being tiny and their voice being so piercing…DSC_4850


Just watch the same bird pictured against the coconut branch instead of the sky…its features gets so clear. It has yellow eyes with a black eyeball. DSC_4873-1


So, by Richa’s expectations…I’ve covered her birds and I just have her Ant Friends to shoot ..(Well, if I could literally, because, they are a menace)…Anywhere one turns, we have naani’s ant friends…I’m also getting a lot of lessons on ant behavior, thanks to Richa.

“Look mama, the doctor ant is carrying the sick ant”

“Look mama, the little ant is following their didi’s (elder sisters) in a line”

and so on…

DSC_3341-1 DSC_3337-1


Richa with the ant watching device..

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