Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As soon as we took the van from the airport towards home the kids reminded us that we needed to get Hobbes, our 10 year old Yorkie, home.  We had left him with our friends during the vacation. But, he had passed away during the vacation.  The vet had told my husband that they could not do anything to save him since his kidneys were not functioning.  I had not told the kids that Hobbes had passed away. Was it because I couldn’t see them hurt so much or that I wouldn’t know how to handle their pain?  Not sure, but, I had avoided this until now.

I can still remember taking him with us to India during one of our visits. I had missed the connecting flight from Europe, and was put on a connection via Jordan. At Jordan, I had my passport taken away from me, since I refused to let him put in the non-pressurized compartment. Stuck in this country without my passports in my possession for 2 days, I continued to convince the airlines that Hobbes wouldn’t be able to take that cabin. The original airlines that I had taken, that had got me on this plane via Jordan, had conveniently failed to let me know that the only flight’s out of Jordan to India was Air Jordan and this airlines doesn’t let pets travel with you under your seat.  I had to finally give in, since they told me that they transport birds in those cabins. It had taken us almost 3 days to reach Hyderabad.

Hobbes had a fun time in India with lots of attention. He loved that. We had sneaked him into a train to Ahmadabad from Hyderabad. We had had a hard time trying to get him to stay quite.  During this trip, I had realized that it was not practical of me to have brought Hobbes with us. The trip had been hectic for him and the vet facilities in India were deplorable to say the least. So, from the next trip onwards, we decided to house him with friends who wanted to have him. He enjoyed this attention too.

When I was pregnant with the triplets and was on bedrest, he had been the naughtiest. He knew that I wouldn’t be able to move from the bed, at least not fast enough, to stop him from doing what he was. I would continue with yelling “Hobbes, Stop!” but, he had continued with what he was up to.  I was never able to get to him. That’s when his company with the leash started. I had taught him some tricks like rolling over, sleeping, sitting on his tush with 2 of his hands up, other than the usual sit, stay and relax.  He was a totally spoilt brat. He did the tricks only if there was a reward, otherwise, he didn’t bother. Sometimes, he just did all of them together.

We had decided on not getting him neutered. We had already lost a Yorkie pup about 2 years back, to this procedure. He had never woken from the anesthesia. They are such tiny creatures (Hobbes was 9 pounds), and the vets are not so experienced with how much anesthesia to administer. I had been a dog lover, since my childhood. I had grown up with dogs. At one point, I was caring for 4 Dobermans’ (The gentlest ones that existed).  So, after about 3-4 months, we got "Hobbes".  Such a cutie, with so much energy.

Soon, the triplets were born. He had smelled me very curiously, when I came back from the hospital. He did not come to me like he usually did, waging his tail energetically. Then, when the babies came home, he smelled them too. I was a little nervous as I showed the babies to him. He had just wanted to lick them.   With 3 pre-mie babies at home, the time he got was surely reduced but was compensated with the attention he received from the kids as they grew. He loved his little outings he got during summers. He loved going out and peeing on the snow after a snowfall.

This morning, when I woke up, I still felt I’ve to take Hobbes out to pee. The kids are going to be meeting with their friends, where Hobbes had stayed during his last days.  They will be expecting to meet Hobbes over there. We will not be able to avoid keeping them in the dark anymore. We will have to tell them the truth today, and they will have to endure this pain.  I present here a few pictures from memory lane as a homage to this wonderful family member who had filled our lives with so much happiness.

Baby Hobbes. He must have been about 4 month old.  Such a cutie. 100-0007_IMG-1 


Always around me when pregnant with the triplets, for an extra bite that I never gave him, as he was very sensitive to food other than his dog food.101-0104_IMG-1


On guard when my babies were outside.102-0265_IMG-1


I used to have a tough time trying to keep him from licking their faces.            102-0281_IMG-1



Best friends with the tripletsOCT2005 065-1-1


His timeout spot turned out to be his favorite spot. A very cozy place for him during the winters.  He would get very restless if he was left elsewhere.DSC_1430-1


One of his favorite activity after a snowfall..to choose the highest pile of snow to pee on…..                                                                 DSC_0408-1


Richa’s best friend. She would use him to drive her cars, or decorate him with her fairy crowns…He tolerated all of her and loved to have her around him. She would sleep with him near his bed.



Obviously, he doesn’t look thrilled about this crown although Richa was telling him that it looks very good on him.DSC_1667-1


A favorite of most of the kids…Richa wouldn’t let the leash be held by anyone else but her.                       DSC_1926-1

We will miss you Hobbes and pray that you are in a very nice place free from any illness and leashes..


Rachna said...

Oh, that's a shock!I didn't know that hobbes had passed away. I remember the cutie; he was so adorable. He was a little baby you brought to India at the time of our marriage, and I remember his tricks when we came and stayed with you in NJ. I lost Brando in 2005; he was 10 years old too and a yorkie though a much larger version.

Rest in peace, Hobbes. You brought nothing but joy to all those whose lives you touched. I am sure the kids must be heartbroken as must be you. He was like a baby to you, didi. I feel so sad at this news. And, very cute pics of his.

Anonymous said...

really feel sad about this.. for a minute i went back to dec 4th 2003 (its when I lost my pet, Shimba) and I know what a pain it is.

Sameer Palle

Anonymous said...

Gayatri- hey I never knew you had a dog! Hats off to you-with 4 kids & a dog too! We had this discussion a few weeks back & decided against it- now I am inspired! May he rest in peace- I am sure he was much loved by the girls!

Venky (வெங்கி) said...

Sorry to hear that, It must be very hard for the kids too.

GP said...

That was a sweet memoir for a special individual. And the photos too are well chosen.
Hobbes, rest in peace.

Ramaa said...

Dear Gayatri...so sorry to hear about Hobbes. We had played with him when we had come to your house.I feel very bad for the kids, Its going to be painful for them to take the news in.