Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Identical and Fraternal! (Part 1)

Not only did we become parents of triplets. We are in a unique situation. Two of the triplets are identical!! Our journey with this situation started with the doctor looking confused and telling us during our first appointment after we got pregnant.

“You could be having another baby, an identical one”

Not only were we informed that we were going to have more than one baby,  we were slapped with the possibility of the TTT syndrome. (Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome). After carefully monitoring the identical s as well as the fraternal baby through out the pregnancy, one day they all came crying out loud, and liberated me from that pain.

Before they were born, I would worry if I would end up feeding the same baby twice. But, nothing of that sort happened. I just knew who was who.  I did not have to look for their birth marks too (although they did have a very big mark).113-1349_IMG


Clearly, the fraternal twin was different in looks from the other two. Her hair was different, she was smaller framed, her appetite was different and so was her disposition. Sometimes she would be so calm and sometimes, very rare but it did happen where nothing could pacify her.

I can’t forget that one time. She was about 7 months old, I think, the way she cried looking at me…like she was looking at the devil inside me..If I wanted to carry her, but,  if I got close to her..she cried more. The only way I could calm her down was when I put her in a room lone by herself for sometime.  That day is still a puzzle for me.  I was already going to call the doctor if she hadn’t calmed down even after this. She loved being carried around.  It was so amazing to watch the triplets pictures that I took. Both the identical twins would be watching something in one direction while the fraternal would be looking at something else, like they saw the same things and thought alike. 118-1841_IMG 118-1815_IMG  


They had been super babies. Never a trouble. So engrossed with each other..Didn’t need mama to be there to entertain them.  I could just sit around with my camcorder or my camera and keep clicking away..and they didn’t care.   113-1334_IMG

I just interfered in their gossip.110-1008_IMG  


They could be left in their cribs for quite some time after they woke and they wouldn’t be annoyed if mama was not in there. They would start conversing with their neighbors.113-1400_IMG


When left on the jumpy bed…they would have a gala time together.119-1934_IMG



They fed at the same time, slept at the same time and got up at the same time.   110-1038_IMG 110-1034_IMG


They looked out for their dad together.121-2148_IMG


They were partners in crime. 113-1375_IMG

114-1416_IMG 119-1905_IMG

Those pictures were of times, when they were innocent enough to not even realize they were sisters and were born together.


Rachna said...

Such adorable pics! And, your descriptions are so apt. Don't you miss their days of innocence? I get the same feeling when I see the kiddie pics of Sid and even Gautam! It is so amazing being a parent. It is more amazing raising triplets together :).

Ramaa said...

So Cute....these times fly so fast..to fast I think.....

Catch the Kids said...

Multiples sure are special! Love your photos. They are gorgeous girls

bhagyareema said...

Adorable. thou it looks cute now, want it tough then?

Venky (வெங்கி) said...

Every picture is cute, good you took time to capture them despite of their demanding needs. Precious Stills.

gayatri said...

@Rachna, reminds me we went through our morning sickness thing...together. Remember the movie we went to watch and almost came out not watching..with our frequent trips to the restroom. :-)

I think its the same amazing feeling every mom has raising her kid..

Ramaa, ur doing a good job of capturing all the moments..time does fly and thanks to modern technology...we can capture all these treasured moments.

@Catch the Kids. Thanks so much for your kind words. I have been following your blog for sometime..love it.

@Bhagyareema, actually I don't know if that was tough because, I didn't know better. I really enjoyed those days..Like I expressed in a blog of mine..It was like, I was in this trance..a very nice feeling without any complaints.

@Venky, Thanks Venky. They are precious. Everytime I am mad at the kids for their mistakes, I make it a point to watch these pics so, I'm not mad with them anymore. They are acting so grown up now-a-days..Its just so overwhelming for me..