Friday, September 17, 2010

Richa’s corner


The new school year has started and so has Richa’s pre-school. But, this morning I looked for her upstairs and downstairs, inside out….and where did I find her? Under the dining table..watching mama search for her.



She didn’t want to go to school..DSC_6821


Richa just discovered this. “Mama, look!! I can see my nose.”DSC_6692


Another fun activity while eating bread now-a-days for Richa is finding shapes in the bread as she eats…Here’s one smiley she discovered.DSC_6696


And this is her version of being cute for the camera. Then she would want to look at the picture “Show me mama, Show me..” Then, she would go back and give another pose and ask me to click that.DSC_6735

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