Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interesting Clicks of this week (Part 1)

I had posted a blog earlier about Leafcutter Bees. There I was unable to catch pics of the bees flying away with the leaves. This week I was able to get those pics. Here they are


The Bee has just got the leaf free..bee 1


And is ready to fly away….bee 2


I had also followed this tiny caterpillar from herecaterpillar 1


to here…caterpillar 2

to here… pupa 1

I don’t think I will be here to catch the butterfly when it comes out. But, I am in awe as I look at this pupa. Its so perfect and Mother of Pearl like..


I also was able to catch this butterfly in flight. I appears like a glider… DSC_6020-1



Another example of camouflage..Look at this yucky moth…Now you see it…Moth1 

Now you almost don’tMoth 1


Reminds me of a cartoon movie “Open Season”.. Elliot the deer, finds a coffee in the dumpster and gulping it down says…

“Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck….”

“give me some more…, give me some more…”

gulping it down again  “yuck yuck yuck yuck…”

“Its terrible and yet so wonderful. Like Freedom in a cup”.

Flickr Id: gayatri_palle

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