Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Identical and Fraternal! (Part 2)

But as they grew up I started noticing a chemistry develop between the trio…Clearly, the identical twins supported each other more.  Especially, Baby2’s  first choice to help would be her identical twin.  If either of the identical had gotten a timeout, the other would cry and ask that she be released(They are still the same!).


In pre-school, the teachers clearly noticed that the identical did things at the same pace.  My interaction with other parents had increased, and the triplets started understanding what people spoke.  Many would make it a point to point the obvious in front of the kids, that two of them looked alike

“She is different, She has curly hair!!” somebody would say, pointing to the fraternal twin.

“Oh! she is thinner !!” another would say trying not to be offending but, I would have preferred that such remarks had not been made.

The fraternal, understood all this, and clearly felt left out. She also started to take objection to when people referred to her as a triplet.

“Mama, I don’t like to be called a triplet”. she used to say.

But, eventually, she got over it with all our support.  They were about 3 year old here, having ice-cream on the porch on a warm October day.IMG_0083  

The identical twins , especially Baby2, had to be pushed at times to support her fraternal sister a little more which she did so happily!  But then, it came to a point where she was doing everything for her fraternal sister. She would try to fix her dress if she was unable to wear it , help her find her brush and put the toothpaste on her brush. In fact, both the identical sisters had started to pitch in to help their fraternal sister. Eventually, I had to stop them from doing this since, the fraternal twin wasn’t getting an opportunity to try things for herself.

As they grew, and started to understand appearances,  the fraternal twin, got conscious of her hair being more curly and lighter than the identical s, and she would try combing it, pressing it straight, when wet so it appeared straight like her twin sister’s. It took a lot of convincing to make her feel that her hair is as beautiful as her sisters. 

Later, it was not just the appearances,  their sense of humor and their stamina at physical games started to differ. Most of the times, the fraternal triplet, being weaker in frame compared to the identical could not sustain her stamina for games that needed more physical energy and preferred to watch them play.

It is not like there is all similarities between the identical twins. Although they do look similar, they have different personalities. they surely have different voices.  They are outgoing, one of them being a tad bolder than the other. I’ve also seen them taking turns in their growth. Its like one of them takes a break while the other identical twin is having a growth spurt.  I’ve seen them taking turns at expressing art too.

Currently, Neha is the one who has this irresistible urge to put her imaginations onto paper(Every stage their drawing’s have been different too). Poojha is not putting much on paper. A few months ago, Poojha used to be in those shoes and before that..again it had been Neha. I’m sure there’s more than just the drawing part that is going on in the background. They do loose their teeth around the same time. When it comes to tears, one of them does a better job at being a cry baby.

There may be a lot of differences that may exist between the fraternal and the identical twins and surely, the identical twins may have a stronger bond between them, which I don’t think any schooling or parenting will be able to change what is nature. They are sharing the same DNA, right!!  Still, I would say, this fraternal twin has more fun being a triplet than she would have had otherwise. All these years of growing up together, have ingrained in them a sense of belonging to each other. They don’t feel nice if anyone of them is grounded. Their relationship is something to feel.

Here I present some pictures of the fun times they have had together (as well as of times that could be funny to us).

Like in this pic, they were about 3 years and the day was Diwali. I had dressed them for the festival..but by the time I finished..they were all tired and sleepy. This is the pose we got all dressed up…All of them screaming and Pavan trying to save this pic by showing all his 32’s.Picture 101


The next Diwali, …a year older, they were much easy to handle…Instead of being tired and sleepy they are cracking up here!!IMG_0120


Fancy dressing had been their favorite. Nothing like trying Mama’s clothes along with their accessories. Here Neha is the Rani and Poojha the Raja…DSC_0060 


Raja and Rani with their baby…This Raja seems to be very snotty.DSC_0059


Presenting Rani Neha Devi  DSC_0069

Being Raja Poo and Rani Neha Devi..of Nepal (?!)DSC_0083


The Actor, The Actress and The Director. DSC_0074

Then came the year of Jodha Akbar. They came up with this idea and here’s their dress up. Again,  my closet was ransacked for my dupatta’s (Indian scarf’s)                IMG_2051_5_1


Here the identicals are enacting the riding hood story…only we called it the blue riding hood.DSC_0282


Here they pose for their characters.  The mean, hungry, angry wolf and the naive blue riding hood. send5

Kauvya just loved to watch them do their skit. She would be jumping around in happiness as she is directing their play again.DSC_0270


I look like mama in her clothes. The funniest funnest part of winter days and summer afternoon’s, were the dress up’s of course.DSC_0688



Neha not just dresses herself up…she is helping everybody go through my closet.DSC_0696

They didn’t spare Richa too DSC_0703


Here they were trying to be the earth, flower and sun. Neha was wearing green and is on the ground being the grass, Kauvya was the flower wearing purple and Poojha was the sun high up in the sky (Well, as high as she could go!)DSC_1842


Cracking  wild jokes    …    IMG_0751



Watching their newly born sister…and totally disappointed!! Babies cry like this?!      I’m sure each of them is thinking “ I would prefer the baby doll over this real one”.IMG_1234  


Having a chat with Johnny Apple. That’s what they called it. DSC_1981

And climbing treesDSC_1985

and hanging from them…DSC_2001

Being a Palle triplet, identical or fraternal…is the same..FUN FUN FUN!!!


Ramaa said...

Excellent blog..Gayatri!!! Never realized the sort of issues could have happened with multiples as you have documented.

But all the girls are looking so feels like living thru your memories...

bhagyareema said...

Me 2 had fun reading this post :)

Rachna said...

Lovely memories. I remember the slide show you had put of the girls' pics for their 6th b'day. That was so nostalgic, and this feels the same way! When they grow up, they will have fun reading their mom's thoughts about them.

gayatri said...

@Ramaa, right. The fraternal really feels the pressure to be like her identical sisters. But, I'm sure as she grows up, she will appreciate herself more. Looking at what I have turned out to be, I'm confident she will be able to do it.

@Bhagyareema. Nice to know you loved it. Any inspiration for your creative stories that you write? I'm really hooked to it? :-)

@Rachna, Yeah..that slide show. Remember it. That was for Dad's memory too. I'm sure they will have fun,and
hoping that they will understand my perspective of raising them.