Saturday, September 18, 2010

Priceless! There’s Visa, MasterCard etc for the rest.

Yesterday, Pavan and myself went out cycling together, we were out almost 3 1/2 hours. This had been a very rare and priceless moment where we were able to spend time together without being bothered by the kids. The kids were at school and Pavan was home and the day was perfect to go out cycling.  As usual, started off with my camera…and there came that poking remark from Pavan.

“What if it falls?” he said

It hurt because I knew he was right.

“Pavan, do you have to say that! I took it along yesterday, we were fine right?!”

“Lets say there’s a 10% probability that you may fall, and if you bring it out 10 times, its surely going to happen, one of those times”.

He was surely right, and I knew it and was hoping that he had not said anything.  Now, I had to put it back, what if I fall and then he would get to say

“I told you so!!”

So, as I went inside disappointed to keep the camera back, I heard him telling me

“After we finish cycling, lets go out for a walk, and that way you can take the camera along.”

So, we set out..we went through bike paths and walkways. DSC_6943



The wind was heavy at times and it was so fun to drive against the wind up the hilly terrain, without slowing down. I almost felt that burn in my tummy. We went through trails and other ways we hadn’t tried earlier.  Then as we were about 17 miles into the drive, I FELL!!….Pavan was showing me how to leave his hand off the bar and stay like that…I had turned to look at him and driven straight off the road. It was not a bad fall but a fall indeed. I got up and was able to feel better within 3-5 minutes and we set out to complete the 20 mile drive.

As I was completing, I saw something on the road, this tiny thing trying to run away from me and the road..I ran home and ran back with my camera. Pavan followed and here is the thing that I was talking about. It had reached the edge of the road. Look at those polka dots..beautiful color



After we left it alone we went on a long walk. The fall colors had already started to set in. I’ve been trying to experiment with the “Bokeh” effect a lot, and here is one I took that has a beautiful color crystals effect…Intentionally took this out of focus to see the bokeh…and I wasn’t displeased.DSC_6948

The look of fall was everywhere..DSC_6992

Almost all the fauna around was busy saving their food for the winter. We found squirrels running around hiding their nuts. Look at this guy looking at us so intently..DSC_6950

Here’s one running with the nut in his mouth DSC_6959

Then he pauses to find a spotDSC_6962

And hides his nut..DSC_6966

We also found Blue Jay’s busy with their nuts..But, what’s with these birds..they just refused to give me a shot of their face…

Here is one charging straight at me holding a nut with its beak..Face not clear!DSC_6967


Then we have another turning towards me holding something with its beak..Face not clear again!!DSC_6972


Then we have another one, perched on a Linden..Not showing its face!! The bark of this Linden …so nice photographic material. Can you spot the blue Jay?


Here’s another one on the Linden, trying to face away again!!DSC_6982

Now, I need to take this challenge and get a picture of this beautiful looking bird….During my next walk!

Maybe the blue jays didn’t want to show their face to me..but the butterflies were so obliging. As I reached home, I was delighted to find a few of them on my flowers.



Can you spot one here, on the Lavender?DSC_6803

This butterfly was so good at camouflage, Not able to spot it on this Lavender right?  The only stops it took was on spots that appeared brown, other than on the Lavender. Never on the grass.DSC_6818


Then we have this monarch..that I had spotted a week ago. Haven’t been able to spot the big ones. I guess, they have left, that fall is here.DSC_6667

I followed this lone guy to the butterfly bushDSC_6687


Gliding by our window.DSC_6673


Then…my gaze fell on one of the beautiful spot of my garden. The Rain Lilies!!! They were in bloom that it had rained yesterday.



It was already time for me to go and pick up Richa from School. But, when we returned, me and Richa spent a lot of time in our garden taking so many more beautiful pictures of the flowers in bloom.

This can be picture material for the next blog…..


R. Ramesh said...

mom ji..wonderful post ya..good u guys thought of cycling n walking..i luv both..and hey...thanks ya 4 yr kind stay connected..wishes to juniors and hubby:)

Rachna said...

Nice pics as always. And, wonderful that you listened to Pavan and did not take your camera along. I like the new hair styles of the girls. Looks smart!

gayatri said...

Hi Ramesh..just a few days of warm weather left, so, making the most of it cycling and walking outside. Thanks for stopping by and leaving this nice comment.

gayatri said...

Hi Rachna, your right..good I listened to him..because, I did fall.
Where did you see the girls pics? Was it on flickr? I posted a lot of pics and haven't been able to organize them..time constraints. Will get there soon. If you didn't see the pic I have in mind..I will post it to you..its good.

Rachna said...

In your previous posts, I could see Richas's and others haircuts, though not as clearly as I would have liked :).